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Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora August 12th 2019

Woke to a grey showery day & a 5.5 hr trip by private bus to the Swedish border & on to the village of Mora & a two night stay at the Hotell Fridhemsgatan. The outlook was mostly pine forest with a scattering of small communities. Just over the border is the village of Sälen, known for its huge ski fields & slopes. The Vasaloppsleden Trail runs from Sälen to Mora (approx 90 kms) & is the course for huge annual races for cyclists in summer & cross country skiing in winter. The course has an important place in Swedish history as 500 years ago Gustav Vasa escaped invading Danish forces but later successfully led an uprising against the occupying power and became King. The trail follows the escape route & the races take place to ... read more
Cathedral & spire
Cathedral Bell Tower
Dala horse sizes

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna March 15th 2019

Maart 2019 We komen in de Kampioen een leuke aanbieding tegen van een vakantie naar Zweden. 10 Dagen naar regio Dalarna, naar Safsen, waar we een aantal jaren geleden ook al eens zijn geweest. We vertrekken op zaterdag 11 mei met de auto naar Kiel, varen die nacht over naar Gøteborg en rijden zondags naar Safsen. Op zondag 19 mei weer terug naar Gøteborg en dan 's nachts terug naar Kiel. We komen dan maandag 20 mei eind van de dag weer thuis. Eigenlijk was het helemaal niet de bedoeling om nu in het voorjaar op vakantie te gaan, maar vooruit: vakantie is altijd leuk! ZATERDAG 11 mei 2019 1e vakantiedag Om 8.30 uur zijn we helemaal reisvaardig en gaan op weg voor onze vakantie naar Zweden. We rijden eerst richting Amsterdam en... read more
Op het bovendek
Meeuw komt langs
Schip onderweg naar de haven

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 14th 2018

Staying in the Stora Skarberget nature reserve not far from Norwegian border tonight and we have managed to light a fire where we are staying. Hoping it keeps the mosquitoes away. Jeffrey isn’t that keen and we have to put him back in van. He is very brave the next morning and follows us up an observation tower only once he gets to the top he loses his nerve and goes back down. I think he is afraid of heights. Later on we find the “magic road” at Trollvagen where the car rolls the opposite way to how you would expect it! Described by the tourist office as “one of mother nature’s wonders”. I’m not sure it was that great, thought views were better! Weather cold and wet today so heading north and camping site at ... read more
The Magic Road
View from observation tower

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 13th 2018

We are parked up by a harbour after a very wet day.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 13th 2018

Today we were in Fulufjället National Park on the border with Norway. We walked up to Sweden’s highest waterfall at 93 metres. It was very impressive with still the odd patch of snow on the grounds. We found a water fountain that provided for both Jeffrey and us. A delightful walk.... read more
Phil and Jeffrey
Jeffrey at a lovely water fountain channelled from a mountain spring
Bernie enjoying a drink too

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 13th 2018

When you are in the middle of nowhere why not enjpy the view as you do your poo?... read more
The view

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 13th 2018

This morning on the way in to Sarna I saw what I thought was an amazing Bronze age stone formation in the woods as we drove past. On the way back I stopped to look and was I way off target. It was a triple row of stones that were done by hand and were built in 1940 to defend the main road if the Germans ever invaded from Norway. In the woods was a complete defensive trench system, gun emplacements, underground barracks and all sorts. Ventilation systems for underground chambers were still there. There was an enormous metal trapdoor which opened to a ladder to an underground chamber. Unlike in the UK this was all just there to be explored free and with no health and safety fears by anyone.... read more
Trap door to underground chamber
Tank defences definitely not bronze age
Gun emplacement with sleeping for 4 people underground below

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 11th 2018

We were travelling through Dalarna and looking for something other to do besides wandering round a town. Our Wild Guide to Scandinavia mentioned an observation tower at Mejdasen. It told us to pick up a free map at the local supermarket in Bjorbo and then it was an hours walk from there. Sounded easy enough except the local supermarket we found called Tempo didn’t have any maps and there wasn’t much else in Bjorbo! We drove to Darla-floda to see if we could get anything there but to no avail. Not to give up too easily we put the co-ordinates into the sat nav and the route didn’t look too complicated. We made up a packed lunch, yep bread and cheese with a few tomatoes thrown in and headed off. It was hot and obviously the ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 11th 2018

We have arrived at Lake Runn and have decided its time to get Jeffrey in the canoe. It is a beautiful evening so we pump up the inflatable and get ourselves ready. I decide to pass Jeffrey over to Phil then I get in and we set off. Jeffrey is not keen, for one he doesn’t like to get wet and there is water all around him. He sits behind me but I can hear Phil telling him to sit or get down or you can’t go there and stop licking my face. It’s not wholly relaxing! But then he settles down and the water is like a mill pool, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. Along comes a fast boat and Jeffrey is up not so sure about the wash that is ... read more
Exploring the canoe on dry land not as keen to get in when on the lake!!
Land Ahoy!!

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna June 8th 2018

Swedish Churches In the last couple of days we have visited two beautiful but very different churches. Near Enkoping is the village of Harkebergen. This has a wonderfully preserved medieval church. It is decorated from floor to ceiling with biblical scenes and though the colours have dimmed with age they are still remarkably vibrant. Each panel has a different story or aspect shown in it. We were lucky there was a guide there who showed us different panels from Daniel in the lions’ den, David and Goliath, Jonah and many others. It was easy to see how in a time when the bible was in Latin that these illustrations would have helped tell the story. The guide then showed us the clock tower which unlike in our churches tends to be a separate building near the ... read more
Harkebergen. Medieval Church
Kopparberg Bell tower.
Kopparberg Church

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