Life in a Freezer Part 2..Stuck in Ice

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July 16th 2008
Published: August 1st 2008
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In Longyearbyen I tried to find out where the rest of the polar bears would be. This guy wasn't much help at all!
Hello to you all from Svalbard where I have been having a bit of an adventure trying to find my elusive cousins from the north.

First it was a visit to a museum to get some directions and then onto a boat from Longyearbyen (halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole) to head out into the ice.

There are many beautiful fjords here as well as lots of birds, seals, walruses and other wildlife. There was lots of ice and our boat had to help another smaller boat through the ice by crashing through first. I got to stand on the bow of the boat and watch. Very exciting...but very cold at the same time.

Anyhoo, we found my big scary polar relatives...well probably not really relatives as Koalas aren't bears and Polar bears look rather more like sloths...but couldn't get too close as they are quite dangerous.

Now I am headed to warmer climes to thaw out before getting in the tardis to get home.

See you all soon.

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Much more help with directions north they pointed me in the direction of the boat.
The Akademik ShokalskiyThe Akademik Shokalskiy
The Akademik Shokalskiy

Home for a few weeks.

2nd August 2008

Hi Godfrey, you are looking very handsome much nicer than your long lost relatives! I hope mummy is looking after you and you both come home safely to us xxx
2nd August 2008

Dear Godfrey, You are fab! We are so glad you are having a great time! Looks like you have made lots of new friends (even though some of them are a bit dopey and can't even provide directions). The real live friends you made look very smart though. Looking forward to seeing you back in Oz (middle of winter and still much warmer than the Arctic!) and hearing all of your stories. Make sure you slip-slop-slap for those scorcher days in London in the meantime! Lots of love, Shani and Chris xo

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