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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca January 23rd 2016

Majorca 2 Saturday Jan 23 2016 Today was like a typical summers day in Lancashire with a high of 18 degrees and the sun burning my back at lunchtime in the square in Campanet. For the first time this week I took off my leg warmers and went into fingerless gloves and felt great. The first long climb, after leaving Port de Pollenca, was up the Col de Femenia at 515m and was a bit of a pull but we didn't push too hard to save our legs because there was not climbing to do to reach the cafe at the Coll de se Batalla. We did not stop since it was a bit early for lunch and it was full of posers on motorbikes. We chased down the hairpins to Caimari avoiding the stupid motorcyclists ... read more
Old communal wash house
Gulley at roadside

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Alcudia January 22nd 2016

Majorca January 2016 A week in Majorca in January is a nice choice when the Lancashire weather is doing its worst with cold, frost and rain. Majorca, which had rain three days before our arrival, greeted us with brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the mid teens. Nevertheless we needed long gloves and leggings, as you may expect in winter, but on several days we took off a layer and had fingerless gloves after our alfresco lunch in the town squares. The first three days found us doing a total of 150 miles heading out of Pollenca in the north of the island. Port de Pollenca is a nice seaside town with loads of excellent restaurants and cafes with shops selling everything you may need. Car and bike hire is a big thing here, as is selling ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » La Palma January 21st 2016

Hi, I am coming to Carnies for the first time since 1970, still backpacking, I need to know local transportation, cheapest way to get from island to island. It will be a shot to my system, to see all the changes. In La Palmer, I hiked into and lived in the Caldera, on a ranch. Does anyone know anything today about the Caldera, for that matter where best to go for a backpacker. Tim... read more

Europe » Spain January 17th 2016

2016, another year of adventure. I’ve never really been much of a one for New Year’s resolutions I guess I just have an underlying desire to enjoy life to the full. We had a very short break in the UK and had a great time catching up with family and friends. My family are very special to me and I had a lovely homecoming lunch on my first day home in Newcastle. I met Imogen for our mini facial at Clarins in Fenwick’s then Amy had a half day and we had a glass of champagne and had a very nice lunch together, in a Spanish-run bar!! At Clarins our new consultant told us all about her life and how she had left her job with Emirates in Dubai to move to the North East, to ... read more
Lovely views
Coastal sunset at Calabardina

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Tenerife January 16th 2016

Southampton to Tenerife We left Southampton with clear skies and great fireworks before heading out into the English Channel. By 3am on the Tuesday we were heading into the first storm, we awoke in the morning in the grip of a Force 8 gale. Not too much walking on deck then!! As we cruised further South it has become warmer and we docked in Santa Cruz with sunshine and temperatures of 22 plus. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the Canaries and... read more

Europe » Spain January 16th 2016

Sorry folks. I did not realize that the posts required a location.. Either that or I have posted everything twice! Bear with me... Here is additional info regarding Gibraltar, a peek at shipboard life and our day in Malaga from Paul We began to talk the other day about the elaborate tunnels throughout the Rock of Gibraltar. I forgot to describe how, in addition to the military tunnels hewn from the soft limestone over the last four hundred years or so, and the magnificent caves where they have concerts and such, they repurposed miles and miles of the tunnels to the desalination plant hidden in the rock, supplying fresh water to the colony. Further, there is a NORAD fallout shelter/communications centre hidden in the depths.... read more
Picasso Museum
Teatro Romano

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza January 15th 2016

Hier soir, 21h10, je reçois un mail m’annonçant que je prends un nouveau cours, soit, 4h/semaine en plus de ce que j’ai déjà. Bon, j’ai pas beaucoup de cours donc j’ai pas à me plaindre, mais je m’occupe aussi d’une partie administrative. Et même si je suis censée « lever le pied », faire moins d’heure s’enlèvera pas la dose de « stress » que cela engendre, puisque j’ai une part de responsabilité en ayant accepté cette tâche. De plus, c’est un peu pourri dans mon emploi du temps donc j’étais un peu dégoûtée. Ajoutons le cours en plus qui était prévu depuis avant les vacances avec des gamins limites. Vous avez sans doute vu l’épisode de Malcolm ou Dewey change de classe après un test psychologique faussé et va dans la classe des débiles ? ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza January 12th 2016

Quelques changements ! Surtout un qui va en entrainer d’autres. Je déménage !:D Et toute seule cette fois. Un nouveau quartier, un nouveau décor et de nouvelles choses à faire. Je suis plus loin du travail cette fois, mais j’ai choisi en toutes connaissances de causes, j’ai pensé à mes loisirs et aux beaux jours. Comme je suis dans le centre cette fois (le centre historique), les rues sont beaucoup plus jolies et il y a des activités à faire. Par exemple, j’habite à deux pas du conservatoire. Comme il s’agit du conservatoire supérieur, je ne peux pas m’y inscrire pour faire quoique ce soit, mais je suis certaine que je vais trouver quelque(s) chose(s). J’emménage fin du mois mais j’aurais les clés samedi. J’étais contente de reprendre le travail, mais il y en a pas ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Gran Canaria January 10th 2016

Sunday January 10th, 2016. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Las Palmas is the capital of the island of Grand Canaria, and Spain's 7th largest city. The island is in the Atlantic Ocean about 100 miles off the coast of north-west Africa. As such it is the largest city in the European Union lying outside the European Continent. Founded in 1478 by Juan Rejon, the city's original name was 'Real de Las Palmas'. Rejon was head of the invading Castillian army, before engaging in war with the locals. In 1492, Christopher Columbus anchored in the Port of Las Palmas and spent time on the island on his first trip to the Americas and on hs way back to Spain. The Casa de Colon Museum in the city is named after him. Francis Drake tried but failed to plunder ... read more
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16.  How The Aboriginal Dwellings at Guayedra would have looked

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