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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 6th 2015

Madrid meals lean towards meat and potatoes. You want veggies? Order them separately, at the same price as a main course. We were both craving greens so we headed out to one of Madrid's few self-styled vegetarian restaurants. Only about half the entrees were marked as vegetarian. Hm? Excellent gazpacho, good salad. Susan had the stuffed pepper, her new favourite. Excellent. El Estragon is the name of the place and it is on this great little plaza where dogs play among kids. We'll be back. The Spanish way of making rice seems to include allowing it to stick to the bottom of the pan until it almost burns. This gives one layer a crunch and an intriguing touch of bitterness. They also make a brilliant steak. Blows every so called steak restaurant in Edmonton off the ... read more
Sorolla's touching life size picture of wife and new-born daughter
Portrait of a countess. Really? That's a girl?
Still life with original subject - Sorolla museum

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León November 6th 2015

We had a four-day weekend recently, and it happened to fall over my birthday, so a friend and I headed east to the province of León. The border of the province is only about a two-hour train ride from Ourense, but the change in landscape is remarkable. We traveled through green mountains to more reddish-dirt hills, to eventually a relatively flat, drier landscape. Our first stop (about three hours along the train ride) was in a town called Astorga. I’d read that it was a cute town, and it also had one of architect Gaudi’s only constructions outside of Catalonia. Wikipedia told me there was a distinct ethnic group called Mastorgas there (but we didn't happen upon them). We easily found the Gaudi construction, the Episcopal Palace, which is right next to the massive cathedral. Astorga ... read more
Astorga Cathedral
Behind the Astorga Cathedral
Episcopal Palace in Astorga

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 6th 2015

A lovely day in Madrid. Sunny and 20 degrees. Many Madrilenos were actually able to take off the puffy coats they were wearing when it was chilly earlier this week. Last week, when it was 9, we saw a female police officer on duty outside a government office with a scarf pulled up over her nose (Susan assures me that scarf was not uniform issue, either) and she wasn't the only one! Back to the Thyssen, thinking we had bought a year's pass to the museum. Traffic was thick - this is the Friday of a long weekend. Our driver had a lot of work to get through the crowds. Tipped him 25% - two whole euros on an 8 euro fare. Got a huge smile for that. Wish I had given him more but all ... read more
The model then. Look at that neck!
Get them wagons into a circle, pilgrim?
Cervantes and I both ate here

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 5th 2015

This is pretty exciting. I finally figured out how to dictate text into my word program, Then copy and paste it into my blog. If you think that makes me lazy, you’re probably right. However both the keyboard which shows up on the screen of my iPad and the little portable keyboard that I brought with me that fits so beautifully into my iPad holder are just too small for my hands. I have spent hours going back and correcting mistakes that would not have been nearly so irritating on a full-size keyboard. Which means that you may be getting even more of my rambling Thoughts. Let the world Tremble at the idea of McRory dictating, even if it is only into a machine. By the way, the apparently random capitals that you made see from ... read more
Sorolla, light and peasants
Included for purely artistic reasons, of course
Sorolla like beach scenes

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid November 4th 2015

Qui a dit qu'il faisait beau toute l'année en Espagne? Après une traversée de la Castille avec notre nouvel ami Fernando, notre conducteur infatigable avec qui en 8 heures de trajet nous avons pu refaire le système économique/ politique/ social de l'Europe, ainsi que voyager à travers le monde entier grâce aux anecdotes folles de Fernando; nous sommes arrivés à Madrid sous un froid de canard chez Anna et la famille Nicolau! Accueillis encore une fois comme des rois, le voyage a encore des goûts de luxe! Vous pensez bien qu'on ne seraient pas partit sans faire la fête? Sinon c'est mal nous connaître! Encore une retrouvailles, au alentour du tribunal de Madrid: Marina. Lorsque Marina est là, la soirée ne peut qu'être bonne. Ainsi soit-il! Cette fois il est temps. Vous nous croirez pas si ... read more
Amigo Fernando
El Jamon
Octopus Tapas

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 4th 2015

This thing ate my blog entry. Oh, it saved it into auto save so when I pushed some wrong button and ended up reading some Spanish lawyers website, so I could still go back and rwas the vastly amusing 500 words or so I had written. You would have loved it, really. I could not, however, recover it. Aargh. To hell with it. I am frustrated. Not wishing to completely disappoint my legion of faithful followers, I present the following pictures: By the way, this program has been acting up. Maybe it's not just me. Going to publish now before I lose it all again.... read more
Portrait with cornflakes and Palacio Real
Florist shops do great photo ops
Inn founded in1642 - looks good for its age!

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 4th 2015

Right. Let's try this again. I pray that the text survives. I am so sorry you missed the earlier version. Pulitzer stuff, no doubt, vanished into cyberspace. Up and out this morning. Coffee at El Mollete, say hello to Tomas and Ursula. Great coffee everywhere in Madrid. Then we amble through the park in front of the Palacio Real, which is always busy but never really full.Lots of excellent dogs. This is a great city for walking, day or night. You can have all the crowds you want on the major squares and the pedestrian areas. If you want quiet and melancholy cobbled alleys just cross the street, take the first narrow street you see, then turn right at the first opportunity. There is a good chance you will find yourself nearly alone in a picturesque ... read more
Tower is 15th century. Cute girl is younger
More streets because I like them
The neglected Roman mosaic at the museum of Madrid

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 3rd 2015

A lazy day in Madrid, continued. We did manage to get out the door to go eat lunch, finally. It was at 2:45 p.m. Well, why rush if you don't have to? Susan wanted something different. Our landlord had suggested El Senator, a block away, as a restaurant that specialised in lamb. Okay, that's different for us. From 2-4 is the traditional time for lunch here. Certain,y the two restaurants closer to us were both full when we set off but we thought we would give it a shot. The Senator is directly across the street from the Spanish senate. And the national elections are on, so there are no Senators around. The place ws deserted. Five tables out of twenty, maybe, were occupied. We were whisked in and seated right away. Susan was one of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo November 3rd 2015

Let me back up and explain how I’m living in Spain legally. Believe me, it was a hassle and a half to find a “stable” “job” teaching English in a Spanish-speaking country. Eventually I found this program, which is called North American Culture and Language Assistants Program or the ‘Auxiliars’ Program. It’s run by the Spanish government, and the roles are mostly similar to English Program in Korea (EPIK). The main differences are: -it’s about a third of the pay (factoring in Korean bonuses like flights and apartment rent); I’m essentially making a sacrifice with money and professional development to be more immersed in Spanish -we’re only required to be at school for 12 hours/week (whereas in Korea you typically have to be at school 35 hours even if you only teach 12 hours) -this program ... read more
Poster in My School
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid November 2nd 2015

I am pretty sure that I have not improved as a photographer so it must be that my camera is getting better with age. Case in point, I took some pictures of the north facade of the Palacio Real last night and I was stunned by how well they turned out. The monochrome is quite dramatic! I include Susan's favorite of the ones I took. Given the success of the indoor and outdoor pics I took yesterday, I was looking forward to dazzling you with further gems today. I figured that since the Cerralbo and the Thyssen both allowed non-flash shots (and both are national museums) that I would be able to get more at the sights we would see today. Nope. You can take your camera in but you can't take pictures in either the ... read more
View from the courtyard of the PR
Ceiling of the entryway, PR
Very queenly, I think, at the PR

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