Day 28 - Not A Bad Day After All

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October 23rd 2012
Published: October 25th 2012
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Route: Portomarin - Palas de Rei

Not a bad day at all. Almost 25 km in about 6 hours. Looking at the averages, I notice that I am slowing down. Either because I am getting tired or the continuing ache I feel when walking. I guess the latter. I am fine as long as I keep moving. Stopping and starting is painful as is the change in going up or going down. Nevertheless I feel in great spirit. Just another 3 days to go.

These days you see more people on the Camino, but less coherence. There are the ones that have been walking a long time and the " newbies" trying to heal their blisters and sore feet. You see people really hurting and in an existential doubt whether to go on or not. So was Sandra, a lady from Florianopolis ( no Superman does not live there) in Brazil trying to drink the problems away. Every possible stop a couple of beers and painkillers that passerby's are offering her. I hope she get somewhere, but I suspect she will not get to Santiago on foot.

Interesting to observe that the scenery has been changing. We are in the rolling hills. Every 500 m there is a new village, but you hardly notice. Whereas in Castilla y Leon each little town had it's own church, here only every so many villages has a church. Makes you wonder about the differences.

Another phenomenon that is worthwhile noticing is the fact that until León, or maybe even Astorga, every opportunity to create a small mountain of stones was taken. This has stopped entirely; I do not know why, but certainly not because of the lack of stones. On yesterday's blog I publish a photo of what is done here. Quite amazing.

Something else to notice today is a group of high school students walking the Camino from Sarria to Santiago (110 km +). Gives a whole new meaning to a school trip. They, although not all of them, seemed ho have fun nevertheless.

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