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September 21st 2009
Published: September 21st 2009
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Ran out of euro before I could tell you about Ponferrada. It was another special day in so many ways. It was yesterday... Sunday. Chick and our 3 Aussie friends walked into Ponferrada (8 kms) in the morning, shared our usual breakfast (cafe or hot choc and croissant or similar... no wonder we are not losing any weight!!!) and then we had to say goodbye. I walked chick to the bus station... we had three lovely locals help us along the way.. one actually made sure we were right there before he left us. These people are truly lovely esp. if they think you, as a pilgrim is lost!!!

ANyway, after a somewhat teary farewell I turned to walk back to the Castle I owuld visit as a typical tourist, feeling very alone when I met a new pilgrim coming from the bus station also. Suddenly I wasn´t alone but was playing guide to someone who had only just started their camino. It was an amazing feeling and one that I won´t forget.

I planned to stay in Ponferrada for teh day as I have so many days to fill before meeting up with Bill. It was a lovely time.. playing tourist really isn´t my thing at the moment but I took time to sit and enjoy the sun, doing some people watching before trying to find the one and only albergue. When I arrived there there was already a long queue of sacks for people were waiting for teh albergue to open. No worries though. This was a big albergue and the hospitaleros were gorgeous... cold iced tea on arrival, lots of hugs if needed etc etc.

I had wondered what I do for dinner as all the shops were closed... it was Sunday in Spain afterall! (I must admit I still haven´t got the hang of spanish times, siesta etc). But I got back after a long walk trying to find somewhere to eat only to find that a local lady had donated a huge, I mean really huge, pot of paella for all the pilgrims (over 160 of us!). It was the most delicious paella ever with seafood, chcicken etc, I was in heaven... again!

Things like the kindness of people and finding special places to eat, foods to taste etc keep on happening. Aren´t I just so lucky!!!

Anyway. I´m off tomorrow on another 23kms... I am leaving the steepest climb of the whole walk until the next day.

Thanks agian for all your comments.

Jan... loo paper is a definite must!!!!!!!


21st September 2009

Sounds so amazing. I'm always worried when you don't blog for a couple of days so to get 2 in one day was great. Have a great time when Bill arrives. Love Jenny
22nd September 2009

Hi Karen, sorry for the Japanese flavour, but I love this saying - it means "keep on, keep trying your best" I know you really don't need any reminders, what a fantastic time you must be having, interspersed with the trials. Sounds like a totally new dimension added to your life. Hope those angels of yours continue to keep their eye on you. Take care, must be wonderful to know you are on the downhill stretch now. Carol xx

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