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July 9th 2008
Published: July 9th 2008
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Ok heres the story. ive taken a position. i wont describe it as a job because the is no monetary compensation. Ive joinded the crew of a sailboat headed from valencia, spain around gibralter, up through portugal, past france and over to the UK. its a long trip, and may take as long as a month to make.

the real highlights are free room and board while on the boat, a free boat tour up the atlantic coast, and free sailing instruction from the mechanics, helming, and navigating. Who knows what else might come of it. We set sail on friday, hopefully.

Beyond a mere deck hand, ill also be serving as the ships cook. This should really put my cooking skills to the test as i have only 2 small gas burners and an oven my shoe wouldn't fit in. Also supplies will be minimal as weight and storage issues abound. im really keen for this.

Captain steve and first mate julliette will teach me the ropes and turn me into a right proper sailor in a few days. the trip will be long but im confident in its purpose and reward.

Just by the way i blundered into this prospect im confident its a trip worth making. i think every one out there in tv land will be happy to know im learning to sail, or at least some of you. you know who you are. i need to get my hands on a copy of Captain Ron for research purposes. anyway, im pretty stoked for this and ide be interested to hear what you all think. so try and send me a message yeah or neah to the plan and ill do what i want anyway.
solong for now,
p.s. if im out of contact for bits of time dont assume the worst. were not heading out to sea or anything but internet may be hard to find.


10th July 2008

Sounds like a better plan than the last sail boat adventure you were planning! We got a new 4 winns- you will have to try your sailing skills on the lake one day! Ava says hi- she loves boating!
13th July 2008

hope your having a great time! im jealous!
sounds like your having an amazing time out there! i wish i was experiencing this with you! i just got 3 new jobs in one so who knows maybe ill be joining you if your still out there in a few months! have a terriffic time and be safe! love ya!

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