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Published: June 25th 2014
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On Our WayOn Our WayOn Our Way

Leaving home for 3 months
Well, we are now in Spain for the start of our 3 month journey which will hopefully bring us sunshine, good food and wine, wonderful companionship, a few small adventures and a memorable

start to Diane's retirement. I will endeavor to do a blog every 3 to 4 days so as to keep you all in touch. After a reasonable flight through LA to London we arrived to beautiful weather last Friday. As we get older we both find that the trip does take longer to recover from and seems to take more out of us. But!! So be it. Love being in London again, especially in the type of weather we had. It really is a magic city and I find that i can just wonder about and feel great. On Saturday we meet up with Steph and Robin for coffee and then Steph, Di and I meet up with Sue and their friend Chris to go to "Taste London" which is a huge show in Regents Park were you can sample the wares of hundreds of restaurants from London. A beautiful and full day of tastings, drinking, walking and generally getting the feel good mood that accompanies a

Back on the banks of the Thames
day like this. Their was some beautiful food available and such a diverse choice. Often hard to make up your mind what should be tested. Regents Park was stunning and thousands of people out enjoying the weather. Good food, good company and most of the drinks were good as well. Amazing that in this crowd you can run into a couple of young NZ'ers from Masterton that Step and Sue know well, and we have meet before on occasion in NZ. Sunday was another beautiful day so we had a nice lunch with Steph and Robin and managed to get a bit of shopping into the afternoon in that iconic Carnaby Street and area. A nice day. And so!!! We are now in the apartment in Costa de Sol, just outside Alicante. Magic to be with Chris, Hege, Lilly and Stella. The girls greeted us with great hugs and kisses, although poor Lilly was confined to a push chair as that morning when she was jumping the waves at the beach she landed wrong and badly twisted her ankle. She is all strapped up and using crutches and is supposedly out of action for 2 weeks. She has been very

The Taste of London with Di, Steph,Chris and Sue enjoying a jug of fruit champagne.
good but we have a suspicion that she will be testing it before then as she is finding it hard not to do the things she wants to do. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was a surprise to wake to a bit of rain and a bit of a chill in the air. We went into the city and meet up with Rune and Lillian, Thomas and Anne Lene and their children, Sebastian and Sophia, and had lunch and walked around looking at a lot of fantastic statues that were on the streets for a festival. And of course the weather improved through the day to return to what we expect when here. A relaxing day and just so nice to be back with the kids and enjoy their company.

Additional photos below
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Thai Calamari.Thai Calamari.
Thai Calamari.

This was my favorite for the day. Oh, apart from a couple of the liquid tastes.
Another Taste.Another Taste.
Another Taste.

Steph and Chris enjoy a cocktail.
Well, we will try it. Well, we will try it.
Well, we will try it.

Sue is not to sure if my selection was quite her taste.
Yum Yum, Pigs Bum.   No!!! It is pigs ear.Yum Yum, Pigs Bum.   No!!! It is pigs ear.
Yum Yum, Pigs Bum. No!!! It is pigs ear.

I saw it and thought I had to give it a go. Crispy and chewy, ok but not in large quantity.
Thats better.Thats better.
Thats better.

Pink Gins all round.
Nice Stand.Nice Stand.
Nice Stand.

Always good to see a selection of NZ product.
Surprise Meeting.Surprise Meeting.
Surprise Meeting.

We ran into these youngsters from Masterton NZ who Steph and Sue know well. Its amazing that in the thousands of people you can run into brother and sister Belinda and Ben, in the middle, with their partners. I have the feeling that they were having a good day as well.
We survived.We survived.
We survived.

Yes, We're still standing after all this food and drink. A great day.
Back in the Tube.Back in the Tube.
Back in the Tube.

I have always actually enjoyed the underground and find it quite interesting that we can go here there and everywhere so quickly.

25th June 2014

Good to see you on the road again...
and look forward to reading your blogs.

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