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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva October 2nd 2013

WEEK 6 This week seems to have passed by very quickly. It's funny how the days seem shorter when the end of a trip is in sight. This has been the most relaxing week so far and we have made the most of being so close to the sea. Each morning after breakfast we have walked along the beach in the Gandia direction before the sun becomes too hot. It's not going to feel the same walking around Hedge End with our coats on! The weather has been wonderful all week and we have been able to sit outside in shorts and t shirt until midnight if we've wanted to. Again, that's something we will miss when we are back home. Today (Tuesday 1st October) the temperature has shot up - 33 degrees in the shade ... read more
Week 6
Week 6
Week 6

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva September 23rd 2013

WEEK 5 Spent our last day on the Ebre Delta cycling and getting lost! The distance between places on the map is very deceiving and there are very few landmarks to get your bearings. It's definitely an area we would visit again and the campsite is excellent - the best toilet block so far! On the way to our next destination we managed to fit in 18 holes of golf at Panoramica golf resort. It was a massive new development near Vinaros which was a bit like a ghost town. There was very little sign of human life in the apartment blocks which surrounded the course. We only used the par 3 course but even that had a clubhouse which looked like an airport lounge! We moved along the coast to Peniscola which is supposed to ... read more
Week 5
Week 5
Week 5

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva May 30th 2013

Woolly says – We had a sad start to our day yesterday when we had to say goodbye to Big Bertha, poor Jo was really upset as her Dad bought the tent for her and Zoe nearly 13 years ago and she has provided holidays in England and Wales not to mention being our base for the last six weeks, we will miss her badly but she is to broken to fix. We left our lovely little site in its own cove with no clouds to be seen and the day warming up quickly. Today was going to be a very long drive for us all, Oliver looked happy at the prospect but the rest of us were a bit more reticent. We were reluctant to travel through the mountains of Spain with the weather forecasts ... read more
The Castle!
This is it!!
One remaing wall complete with graffiti

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva June 4th 2012

BLOG 7 Monday 28 May – Still at the campsite at Bolnueva. A morning of domesticity – loads of washing, cleaning, shopping etc. The facilities here are fantastic, the best we’ve ever come across....the shower/loo/washing up/laundry block is a work of art....all beautifully planted with ferns, bougainvillea, oleander, geraniums etc and the central area downstairs has a pool with fountains – shades of the Alhambra! And all this with lovely views of the mountains. With its position ON the beach one side and village the other and an amazing array of other facilities (including a dog shower, should you need one), it’s a bargain for us with our ACSI card at only 16 Euros a night inc electricity. With our bikes just there, it’s a doddle to cycle to the facilities block, reception or pool – ... read more
2 Bahia (Puerto de Marrazon)
3 Puerto de Marrazon
4 Puerto de Mazarron

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva May 11th 2006

Top tip when in Oliva - don’t take the piss out of the naff 70’s ceiling in the place you are staying for a week…the has-been Spanish style gods will strike you down and force you to spend at least 2 days flat on your back (if you can bear it) looking at and appreciating their greatest works. I thought this was but just another urban myth from our friends in the lonely planet, but I can now attest to its authenticity and its absolute ferocity. But given our time is limited here I decided to take matters into my own hands (mixing over strength beer and over strength pain killers) and pulled myself up and told the Spanish gods of 70’s style that I will not lie down that easily - in fact it was ... read more
nah, no earthquakes in these parts
curly's cave (ooo, er, mrs)

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva May 10th 2006

Gabor woke feeling a little better. The pain was localised to his lower back and he could at least walk. Leaving the villa wasn’t really an option, so we settled in again, reading and catching up on emails. Sarah went of to have a shower in the late morning and came back to find Gabor in serious pain on the couch with Kaspar sitting on the floor showing his sympathy by having a wail himself. Heather from downstairs had offered to take Gabor to the medical centre if things hadn’t gotten any better so off they went. Two hours later after x-rays and physio we have a diagnosis - a compressed disc. So the treatment is just what we had been doing really, pain relief, hot compresses and rest. Since Gabor was incapacitated Sarah subjected him ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva May 9th 2006

We had a very nice lazy morning this morning, just relaxing, taking it easy, no rush to be anywhere, which meant we left the house after midday - a first for us on this holiday. As we were driving to Denia, which is a small town on the Costa Blanca about 20kms from Olivia, Gabor’s back started playing up and by the time we got there it had seized up completely leaving Gabor in considerable pain and unable to walk. Sarah went off to the tourist info kiosk to see if there were any Doctors nearby only to find it closed as it was after 2.30. Everything in Spain shuts for a few hours after 2pm for Siesta, but they open late, usually till 8.30 at the earliest. So we decide to head home with Sarah ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Oliva May 9th 2006

Top tip for people travelling from the north west of Madrid to Valencia at 8am on Monday morning - considering waiting a while, or add another hour to your scheduled travel time. We had no problems navigating our way out of Madrid, it was just that we chose to do so through the or so 5.7 million Madrilenos going to work, school, university, the airport etc. The drive itself towards Oliva, south of Valencia, was quite pleasant through yet more of the massive sprawling Spanish countryside. It was again surprisingly verdant, but it was easy to picture the same territory as an arid brown dessert in the height of summer. The countryside was smattered with large bull silhouettes and roadside signs warning of bulls on the road but we’ve yet to see any live ones. I’m ... read more
down into the orange grove

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