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September 1st 2008
Published: September 1st 2008
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Well its pretty much what they say it is. one giant tomato fight.
The action began at about 9am with the Greasy Pole Climb in which everyone tried to climb a greasy pole to reach a ham that was tied to the top. At 11am the tomato fight started, with truckload after truckload of tomatoes coming into the square. Then the maddness takes hold with an every man for himself barrage of tomatoes in every direction. I was forewarned to wear goggles, clothes i didnt care about, and a disposable camera. all of which were excellent ideas. unfortuneatley the camera formated the picures strangely and im unable to upload them right now.

this was one of the silliest festivals ive ever been to, and probably one of the most fun. When it was all over, the cleaning operation began. hoses from every window started the cleanup process and showers at the train station finished the job, with the odd blasting from a fire hose in between.


2nd September 2008

i was there too!
awesome time! I was wearin a big target on my front!! carnage!!!

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