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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 22nd 2019

Surprisingly peaceful night's sleep, even though it "felt" like a residential area. Tony's precaution of not drinking in the evening (just in case) proved unnecessary. Heading back to Jacqui and Mike's at Albir today, to retrieve the iPad and have one more evening with them. En route, near Benidorm,saw signs for "Carrefour - Finistrat," so decided to call there as they stock a particular cheap wine we've "adopted." Trouble was, after signs at several consecutive roundabouts, we reached one without a Carrefour sign! Not to worry, it DID have a sign for Finestrat. "No problem - obviously that's where we need to go!" Except that Finistrat turned out to be a village up a mountain - and there was no sign of ANY shop, let alone a Carrefour! We gave up, and let the Satnav guide ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 7th 2019

Final day here, as we're heading South tomorrow into the "unplanned" part of our trip. It's been great to spend time with our various relatives on this coast, but they'll have had enough of us by now! Good news is, HMRC popped a significant tax rebate into our UK account, which will come in handy later in the year, as we clear the holiday credit card and tackle what could be an expensive summer! For our last night, Jacqui and Mike took us to a proper "sit-down" Chinese restaurant. We miss that, as the ones in France tend to be buffet-style - it's nice to be waited on!... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 6th 2019

Originally planned to go to the English church in Albir today, but since the service starts at 09.40, it's a good 20 minute walk, and we had a late night, we decided last night we'd give it a miss. Sorry Lord, sure You understand! When we did eventually get going, we took a stroll down to the big market, where Tony got a watch and a pair of gloves, and Liz got a small bag to carry her phone in around the house. We'd booked a Sunday roast as a late lunch (15.00!), 8€ each including a glass of wine! Very enjoyable, but not much day left by he time we got back to base. However, Tony did manage to scrub some tree sap off the side of the van, picked up while leaving the pitch ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 5th 2019

Writing this one a day late, as we were pretty busy later on Saturday! Taxi to the top of the hill at Altea, where we strolled around looking at the architecture, the tiny streets, and the views. Then made our way down to the town to find a vantage point, as the Parade of the Three Kings was due later on. So we settled ourselves at a café, right by the route, and ordered some drinks. After the street cleaning vehicle had gone by a few times, a bunch of workmen rocked up and began drilling holes in the street, followed by a colleague hammering steel tubes into the holes! Finally, just before the parade was due, came a couple of guys who inserted poles into the tubes, and began tying blue fabric barriers all the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 4th 2019

Lovely meal at Café del Mar España - (Liz had tuna salad, Tony garlic mushrooms, both followed by delicious shoulder of lamb, cooked off the bone, with veg and sautée potatoes). Good night's sleep at Jacqui and Mike's, then a very light breakfast. Tony went to have a closer look at the van's water system, and found ... it's working! Answer to prayer from a couple of night's ago? One possibility is that the pipe out from the pump had got kinked, which could have made the pump blow its fuse; the continuing problem after fuse replacement might just have been an extreme version of the usual priming thing. Anyway, all running now, we'll just make sure we've always got a bottle of water with us for emergencies, just in case. Meanwhile, the girls had put ... read more
Liz- new haircut

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 3rd 2019

Peaceful night's sleep, Good job we were on a campsite as we needed the showers, loos and on-pitch water tap! Off with no problem, called at Lidl for milk and then on to Jacqui and Mike's. Lovely weather again, sat outside for lunch! Later, some of their friends called round, so had a lovely impromptu social afternoon. Picture shows us all together outside, just before they left - taken by Mikal, the guy at the front, obviously! The four of us are going out for a meal later at a very local restaurant. Only 3km today!... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi January 2nd 2019

Slept in late today - woken by uncle Geoff (with tea!) at about 09.20! Went into Moraira with him and Doreen (all pictured having a coffee), then back to theirs to get organised for moving on. Pictures of his garden attached, it's pretty darn good for midwinter in Spain! Qúick supermarket stop, then on to Calpe - only to find all thr camperstops and campsites absolute'y full up! Can't imagine how they cope in summer, but apparently even the camperstops take advance bookings! As one Brit we met put it, "It's all about beating the Germans!" Although I can't imagine even them putting towels on parking spaces! We filled up with water at one of them though, as our anti-frost safety system had drained out tank while we were parked at Geoff's. So, onward along the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi June 25th 2017

Today is our last full day here in Albir on the Costa Blanca. We have enjoyed our time here, though it really is a tourist destination for Northern Europeans, Russians and Brits. Whenever we sit in cafes or walk the beach promenade we hear a real mixture of different languages. It is definitely hot and dry, so we have made good use of our pool. We will not miss driving the crazy maze of one way narrow streets to our exchange home. We spent part of our day packing suitcases and cleaning the house. Enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch by our pool and in the evening we had our last walk along the beach promenade and views of the Mediterranean.... read more
Playa Albir. Our exchange home was at the top of all the homes you see.
Jim along the beach promenade

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi June 24th 2017

Today was probably our laziest day ever on holidays! We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then drove into Albir for coffee. The rest of the day was mainly spent relaxing by the pool.... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alfaz del Pi June 23rd 2017

Today we had lunch with our friends Barry and Karen. We met Barry and Karen in Costa Rica. They are originally from Calgary but, like us, they retired with a view to live in warmer places. They lived in CR for five years before moving to Spain (Barry has an EU passport, and is originally from England). They are enjoying the climate in this part of Spain, and have no plans to ever return to Canada. We met them at a Nepalese restaurant in Altea, where they now live. We had a great Indian/Nepali lunch, and enjoyed catching up with them. Later we spent the afternoon by our pool.... read more

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