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Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia June 22nd 2019

Bonjour à tous, Petite journée. Ce soir je suis en pleine campagne à une vingtaine de km de Murcia, au milieu des citronniers, orangers, oliviers, un hôtel super, mais il ne faut pas avoir envie se sortir le soir. Hier à Dénia, j'étais carrément sur la plage, mais comme disent les québécois, l'hôtel manquait d'amour, propre, mais la bâtisse un peu négligé, par contre, pour un de resto de plage la paella copieusement garnie, délicieuse pour un prix dérisoire de 11e. Plus je descent dans le sud, plus le petit déjeuner est servi tard, ce matin 9h, demain idem, ce qui me fait décoller tard. J'ai Murcia de programmé sur le gps, toujours sans péage. Pour sortir de Dénia et reprendre la nationale, vers Altéa, soit 20km j'ai du mettre 45 mn, dans cette configuration, la ... read more
Plazza del Cardenal Belluga
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Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia March 16th 2019

Hi, Well despite my good intentions I have not written a blog since before Christmas. This is just a quick update and then as we are of on our Southern Africa adventure on Wednesday I will be blogging weekly. So Christmas was fine, all of my planning worked out and Chris, Adam, Barry and I had a lovely meal together on Christmas Day. On Boxing Day we were joined by Amy, Imogen, Keith and Finn. I had a lovely day out with my girls seeing the new Mary Poppins. Pat's house was finally all cleared with the last of the furniture going to charity and we locked up on 2nd January and stayed at the Hilton at the airport before flying back to Spain. It had been a difficult time for Chris and the end of ... read more
Who goes there?
Finn's first Spanish walk
Dos amigos

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » San Pedro del Pinatar January 16th 2019

So it's three weeks today since we left Les Sables d'olonne, and we're still loving the adventure. We'd planned a quiet, mostly on-site day today, with just a brief run out to a nearby garage to fill up the LPG. Unfortunately that garage was out of stock, and the nearest other stockist was up near Torrevieja - 25km or so. But once out, we decided to go for it, rather than take a chance on having enough for another night. So our little run out was prety much the whole morning! Still, we were back for a pre-lunch drink in the bar, and put some washing in one of the on-site machines. Cooked lunch outside for the first time - Spanish omelette with asparagus on the side. After some thought - and contacts with online friends ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » San Pedro del Pinatar January 15th 2019

Third consecutive night "in the wild," and without much driving we were startled to have battery issues last night and this morning, so decided to use an official place with a power supply tonight. First, though, we went back to the motorhome dealers near Cartagena. Got the replacement parts we needed (for a broken side marker and a cracked 230v cover), as well as the bits to make up a shorter mains cable (unrolling 25m seems silly when we're right next to the supply, and you're not supposed to use it coiled up). Also bought stuff to put in the loo, and (impulse buy alert- they didn't sell shoes or handbags) a pair of armrest storage-pocket things for our folding chairs. After earlier issues finding pitches anywhere official, we then headed back up to a nearby ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » San Pedro del Pinatar January 14th 2019

Still here! Took a short run out today, to a big Carrefour supermarket to stock up, and a service point to fill up the water etc. Then back to the spot we'd found yesterday, for a relaxed lunch of ham salad, baguette and rosé. Later, we took a walk round the area, saw the yacht repair shops that felt like home, and discovered a couple of cafès open (so we had to stop for a drink - rude not to! Dinner was all fresh stuff from the shopping trip - steak, new potatoes and green beans. Lovely. Only did 20km, but who's counting? ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » San Pedro del Pinatar January 13th 2019

Really good peaceful night's sleep, no issue with water, battery or gas. But to be honest, there's nothing here to attract us to stay another day, so headed on up the edge of the Mar Menor. Park4night listed a location at Los Alcázares, but it didn't look a good overnight. The town seemed open for business though, so we locked up and went in search of a coffee or beer. The café we found on the main street served us a couple of beers with a pot of olives on the side, which reminded us it was nearly lunchtime. The owner had also accidentally dropped a menu on the table too, which showed ham & cheese toasties for 3€! Turned out they came with a few chips too. With coffee afterwards, lunch cost us all of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 12th 2019

Pretty late getting away today, after filling up with water and gas, emptying the loo, AND using the onsite van wash. And when we did move, it was initially only as far as the ENORMOUS "Eroski" store across the way. This wasn't, as it sounds, a Russian sex shop, simply a very big supermarket. The sort we have in France, with lots of other businesses in a kind of arcade. So, coffee first, while checking the money - only to discover that EDF, those nice electricity people, had decided to take the whole of last year's underpayment at one go. That'll take a chunk out of the tax rebate we just got! Thank You, Lord, for providing that first! Then shopping, to stock up the cupboards and fridge a bit. When we finally left town, we ... read more
And a little way along the front

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 11th 2019

As planned, left the van on the Aire today and got the bus into town. Unusual bus stop though - turns out you wait under a specific tree, and flag down the bus as it approaches. No signs, road markings, or timetables visible, and the bus doesn't even come up tp the kerb because of the cycle lane! Anyway, at 1€20 into town can't grumble. The tourist office nearest the bus terminus only had one person on duty, who had a little English but told us the tourist bus and tourist boat weren't running. But yes, the town centre was THAT way. Following the map the guy at the Aire had given us, we found our way towards the old town and discovered there was a lift to the (almost) top of the "citadel" hill. Breathtaking ... read more
Largest sailing boat ....
View from top of lift
Sunny waterfront

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 10th 2019

Cloudy this morning, so we'd obviously picked the right day to set off southwards -it brightened up as we travelled today. Decided to go and see Cartagena, and found an entry in "Park4night" about a filling statíon on the outskirts, which has a camperstop. After a couple of stops en route (fuel and lunch), found the spot without any problem. It also hosts a small supermarket, a launderette, and a MH-accessible car wash. And a bus into town stops right outside. So we've booked two nights (10€ a night, inc electricity) and we'll explore the city tomorrow. Nothing very photogenic about today's stage, but expect there'll be pictures worth putting up tomorrow. 1564km now, so 93 today... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Murcia January 9th 2019

Finally got fed up of writing out the day-numbers longhand - not really sure why I started that! Anyway, little to say about today, as it's been a relaxing one pottering around on the campsite. Weather has continued to be lovely though - both breakfast AND lunch sitting outside the van in the sunshine. Tried out the on-site restaurant for dinner - set menu for 10€ each including a glass of wine! Plate of salad to share throughout the meal, plus bread rolls. We both had a cheese omelette as starter, then Tony had steak and Liz fresh tuna. Both settled for coffee rather than desserts. Leaving tomorrow towards Cartagena, but we may well visit here again.... read more

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