II. Amigos de Vacanzia! (Parting is such sweet sorrow!)

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April 12th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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sand dragon someone made
Monday, April 12

I slept a long time, but to my disappointment, my appetite still wasn't right.
"I'm never drinking again..." I mumbled over and over whenever anyone asked me how I felt. The other Amigos de Vacanzia! went out to go shopping, but I stayed in and tried to sleep a little more.

That afternoon, they went to the beach and Cyntia came with me to help me find something to eat (because, after all, I hadn't been able to eat anything substantial in about 36 hours). We found a bar that served tomato soup and I was so proud of myself when I knocked it all out! I immediately started feeling better.

We had done laundry the night before, and we laid our things out in the sun to dry hoping it wouldn't take too long. Because that night at 10:00pm, Pierre-Jean, Cyntia, and I were catching a night bus to Seville to start the next part of our trip!

By early evening, our things were dry and packed. We said good bye to our other Amigos de Vacanzia! and the Adults. I thanked them all for such a wonderful time.


yay! i ate!
drove us to his flat, where he still had to pack and print out his bus ticket. He had to use Angelo's printer, which wasn't installed. After that delay, we were running a little late, so we took a 5 minute taxi ride to the station instead of doing the 40 minute walk, just to make sure we didn't miss the bus.

On the bus to Seville the newest phase of our trip was beginning!

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PJ taking us back to his place

cyntia adding some of her birthday bottles to the collection at PJ's

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