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Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 12th 2019

Pretty late getting away today, after filling up with water and gas, emptying the loo, AND using the onsite van wash. And when we did move, it was initially only as far as the ENORMOUS "Eroski" store across the way. This wasn't, as it sounds, a Russian sex shop, simply a very big supermarket. The sort we have in France, with lots of other businesses in a kind of arcade. So, coffee first, while checking the money - only to discover that EDF, those nice electricity people, had decided to take the whole of last year's underpayment at one go. That'll take a chunk out of the tax rebate we just got! Thank You, Lord, for providing that first! Then shopping, to stock up the cupboards and fridge a bit. When we finally left town, we ... read more
And a little way along the front

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 11th 2019

As planned, left the van on the Aire today and got the bus into town. Unusual bus stop though - turns out you wait under a specific tree, and flag down the bus as it approaches. No signs, road markings, or timetables visible, and the bus doesn't even come up tp the kerb because of the cycle lane! Anyway, at 1€20 into town can't grumble. The tourist office nearest the bus terminus only had one person on duty, who had a little English but told us the tourist bus and tourist boat weren't running. But yes, the town centre was THAT way. Following the map the guy at the Aire had given us, we found our way towards the old town and discovered there was a lift to the (almost) top of the "citadel" hill. Breathtaking ... read more
Largest sailing boat ....
View from top of lift
Sunny waterfront

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena January 10th 2019

Cloudy this morning, so we'd obviously picked the right day to set off southwards -it brightened up as we travelled today. Decided to go and see Cartagena, and found an entry in "Park4night" about a filling statíon on the outskirts, which has a camperstop. After a couple of stops en route (fuel and lunch), found the spot without any problem. It also hosts a small supermarket, a launderette, and a MH-accessible car wash. And a bus into town stops right outside. So we've booked two nights (10€ a night, inc electricity) and we'll explore the city tomorrow. Nothing very photogenic about today's stage, but expect there'll be pictures worth putting up tomorrow. 1564km now, so 93 today... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena September 16th 2017

We were going to take it easy today because the forecast indicated rain and, having walked 4 miles for the past SEVERAL (lost count) days, we were going to give our bodies a rest. As the morning continued to brighten and the temperature was fairly cool, we decided going to Cartagena might be a nice idea. We figured it might be a nice slow walk and we had wanted to go see the Roman ruins. We finally headed out about 9:30 or so and arrived around 10:15. We weren't exactly sure where we were headed and decided to let Google maps direct us. Naturally, as we've had happen in the past, Google maps lead us on a wild goose chase. Later we learned it was taking us there, but to a place where we were unable ... read more
A view from the "wall" street just above the harbor
church tower

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena May 22nd 2017

It was a sight to behold, Rob driving through the laneways of Valencia, from the carpark to our apartment. This place is an absolute maze, put a car into the mix and it becomes something else. With bags packed into the car we are off. Thank heavens for a gps. It was mainly highway driving until we remember that La Manga was worth a visit. With an adjustment to the gps we turn off the highway. It is hard to describe this place. On one hand it is really interesting, on the other really tacky. Let me explain. Menor Mar is a bay on the Mediterranean. From one side to nearly the other (21km) is a spit of land. This is La Manga. It looks like the Gold Coast only 1 or 2 streets wide and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena April 15th 2016

Dateline: Cartagena Spain April 13, 2016 We were exited to sail into Cartagena, Spain today as this is a port we have never visited. Cartagena sits in a very well protected bay in dry southern Spain. We leave the ship and join a group on the dock for a walking tour. According to our delightful tour guide, Isabella, the city has a population of about 250,000. Modern Cartagena was built on top of layers and layers of Roman cities, as this part of Spain was conquered by Hannibal and was part of the Roman Empire. We made our way around a large outcropping with a castle on top. When we reached the eastern edge there was an 8 story modern elevator to take us to the top….yes! Only 8 people at a time so it took ... read more
Constellation in Port
Elevator to the Top

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena September 20th 2013

The Spanish love their festivals, just about everyone seems to take part and this week it was the "Fiesta De Carthagineses Y Romanos" which meant their were BIG events taking place. Indeed Charlotte & I had originally planned to go to Cartagena on Friday and Murcia on Saturday but reversed the order when we discovered what was going on in Cartagena on Saturday. Not only do the Spanish love a festival so do we as we were in our element going back a few centuries!! It's in the evening when the fun usually starts so at 7pm Carthaginian troops entered the city centre which was followed by a re-enactment of what might have happened oh so long ago. But before I get to that let me tell you what we did during the day. Naturally the ... read more
Cartagena Ayuntamiento
A young sailor accosts Michelle & Charlotte in Cartagena!
In the Air Raid shelters in Cartagena

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena July 12th 2013

I feel quite disappointed to be moving on from Cartagena today, although I'm also excited about going to a beach town on the north coast of the Region of Murcia. Cartagena has been a very interesting place - f...ull of history from various eras - Punic, Cathaginian, Roman, Moors and Catholic. I have only scraped the tip of the history by concentrating on the Roman history monuments. As I said yesterday the Puerto de Culturas is to be congratulated on their efforts to present the monuments in a way that honours their heritage. The museums are thoughtfully designed, with information boards in Spanish and English (in most anyway). My only gripe would be the lack of tours conducted in English, but I realise that this is an industry in its infancy here and in the future ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena July 10th 2013

I'm sitting, well really half lying, on my bed in the Pension Balcones Azules (Blue Balconies) in Cartagena (said Cart-a-khe-na), Wednesday afternoon. I arrived here Monday by bus. When I was packing on Sunday night I realised that I had left behind in Granada a display folder with some personal stuff in it. Luckily nothing too important. So this was 'boo-boo' number two. Remember, an attempted bag snatch on Thursday in Granada was number one! I wondered what number three would be. I did not have long to wait, as on the bus journey from Almeria to Cartagena the bus broke down, only 10 km from Cartagena. The gear box made a terrible noise and when I looked under the bus there was oil all over the road! So the seven passengers waited an hour for ... read more

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia » Cartagena May 11th 2013

We have a day at sea today , so I chose to have room service breakfast delivered at 8:00am, my usual coffee, yogurt and croissants with jam to get me going. I set out on foot to find my way around this beautiful ship. I have been on her sister ships the Oosterdam and New Amsterdam, but this is a little bit bigger than those two, with a few added show rooms and more dining options. I chose a spa treatment about noon to both help my poor aching muscles from my poor sleep on the flights, and my sore feet from walking all over Rome. After a short nap, I headed up to the Lido for a small bite from the buffet. They always have a great selection of meat salads, those Scandinavians like their ... read more
Entertaining the youngest of fans
Private Poolside cabanas for rent
Cabana Lunch & Beverage Menu

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