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Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Oviedo May 25th 2018

Tief hängende Wolken. Kühl. Trotzdem fuhr ich durch die Berge nach Oviedo. Ab 900 m Höhe dichter Nebel. Bären gab's auch (fast). Ich überlegte, wie ich auf die Bärenwarnung am Straßenrand reagieren sollte und kam zu dem Schluss, dass ich mich wohl fürchten muss Das tat ich dann den ganzen Tag. 1600 m: Schneeflecken neben der Straße. Ein Skigebiet. Aber immerhin im Sommerschlaf. Wieder mal früher Frühling mit Schlüsselblumen und austreibenden Bäumen. Ins nächste Tal. Um 12.30 begann es zu regnen/schütten. Nächster Pass. Wunderschöne Land, ganz anders als gestern. Weite, offene Täler. Mehr bewohnte Häuser. Die Nordrampe des Passes war dicht bewaldet mit Laubbäumen. Die Blätter glitzerten im Regen. Spektakuläre Schluchten mit senkrechten Wänden. Prähistorische Siedlungen mit Höhlenmalerei aber ohne mich... Eine köstliche lokale Spezialität: zwei dünne S... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Avilés May 24th 2017

In order NOT to repeat yesterdays mistake. I did my homework on EXACTLY where the Camino was in respect to the highways. I found this out on a Google earth map of Camino Norte. This shows in detain the Camino and where and for how long the Camino is on a highway. Well, good for me after 23 days into the Camino and I finally figure out how to get from town to town using alternative routes. Some on Camino, some not on the Camino. The Camino can take you places that may or may not be of interest to you while adding miles to the journey. I have decided that this is "Ricks Camino," make yourself happy with the route. OK. I love walking, like the solitude, scenery, nature, History, etc., why slog along a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Avilés May 24th 2017

Ok, for me this was the worst walking day yet. No pain, just plain ugly on the highway drudgery. The Camino out of Gijon was marked with invisible ink! I could not find my way out of this town and on to the Camino. For 2 hours I wound around in the city making little headway. The city went on forever! Traffic! Traffic! I used my GPS but it just kept me on the highway. And not just a highway, its was by far the most industrial traffic I have seen in Spain. Trucks whizzing by every 2 minuets. Very unnerving, I could not get off this nasty highway. Finally a cyclist stopped by and told me "get off this highway or die"! I believed him, I truly was unnerved by the Hugh trucks , speeding ... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Gijón October 21st 2012

For a traveller, tight connections are guaranteed to cause anxiety! After leaving Toledo to travel up to Madrid Atocha Station, I had 1 hour to find my way through the maize of levels and tunnels to Cercanias and catch a train which would take me to Charmartin Station. My anxiety levels were working overtime even before I arrived at Atocha Station. Upstairs was smiling on me, because this time I only had to use my Spanish 3 times and got 1 different answer and 2 the same. So I went with '2 the same' and found Cercanias, where the connecting train was leaving from. Had to be determined to get myself and case on board, as everybody else had the same idea. Thankfully, there was just enough time to have a quick breakfast before boarding the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Oviedo November 15th 2011

Coming to Spain to study abroad was a giant step for me. Not that studying for a semester in a foreign country isn’t a big leap for anyone, but it is an especially becoming jolt into the real world for someone like me. Until now, for the most part, my life has gone comfortably unchanged. I go to university in the city I grew up right next to, so I chose to save money by living at home. I’ve never lived away from home. I’ve never even moved houses for that matter. I have lived in the same house for my entire twenty-year life. On my last day in the States, I woke up in the bed I’ve slept in for most of my life. I gave a goodbye pat to the dog that has greeted ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias September 18th 2011

Saturday, July 2nd, After a wonderful two weeks, abrigado (thank you) and tchau (goodbye) Portugal. We spent the day on a long scenic journey from Porto on the western coast of Portugal to Ribadesella on the northern coast of Spain. We fell in love with, Ribadesella, a little coastal town cradled by the lush green peaks of the Picos de Europa National Park. Restaurants and popular ciderias wrap around the bustling waterfront of the small bay and wind out to a beautiful stretch of coastline. We arrived just before dark lucky to snag a spot and local cider at the popular weekend campground. Sunday, July 3rd, after a good sleep we were ready to explore. We drove through lush countryside to the dramatic peaks of the Picos de Europa (like a small scale Alps). We stopped ... read more
Grilled Sardines a typical dish near the coast
Sculpture outside the Thy-Born Museum

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias » Gijón September 15th 2011

Paiva valkenikin aurinkoisena ja ennusteet lupasivat liki helleilmoja. Kavelin laheisen rannan kautta. Mietin poikkeaisinko myohemmin uimassa, mutta se aie jai. Cimavillan kukkulalta oli hyvat nakoalat. Poikkesin katsomassa roomalaisen kylpylan raunioita. Lounas oli ruhtinaallinen. Ensin ayriaiskeittoa, sitten linssikeittoa. Kumpaakin sai laittaa lautaselle kattilasta, ja soin molempia kaksi lautasellista. Kolmesta sardiinista jaksoinkin sitten syoda vain kaksi. Omenapiirakka meni melkein kokonaan, samoin 0,7 litran siideri. Iltapaivalla satoi. Poikkesin rautatiemuseossa ja asemalla ostamassa seuraavan paivan junalipun. Illalla kavin viela siiderilla keskustassa.... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias September 14th 2011

Matkustin junalla Leonista Gijoniin. Eraan tunnelin jalkeen maisema muuttui taysin: kuivasta ja keltaisesta sumuiseksi ja vihreaksi. Gijonissa piti vaihtaa sortsit farkkuihin ja ottaa takki esiin. Taman seudun erikoisuus on siideri, jota viela kaadetaan lasiin korkealta.... read more

Europe » Spain » Principality of Asturias August 18th 2010

Kamp u Oturu nam se bas dopao, mozda zato sto smo ga platili samo po 5,5e, a mozda sto su vlasnici neki ok mladi ljudi pa su ga napravili sam nekom atmosferom. I plan bio da ceo dan odmaramo, ali najbliza prodavnica je bila na 5km odatle, tako da smo opet naprvili setnju cisto da ostanemo u formi. Sutradan, sve ponovo novih 30km, prolazimo dugacke pescane plaze koje su pune srfera, ali talasi su i dalje mali tako da su zadovoljni samo oni koji su dosli da uce. U ovde je i dalje hladno, pogotovo preko noci, vec sam se uzeleo onih vrucina sa pocetka puta. U jenom trenutku, negde oko polovine predjenog puta polako se odvajemood okeana i krecemo juznije u planane, tako da je bilo prilicno tesko odrzati taj ritam i ici uzbrdo. Tu ... read more
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