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May 27th 2016
Published: May 27th 2016
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Heading to VianaHeading to VianaHeading to Viana

A pilgrim asked me to take his picture I asked him to take mine
Well it's been awhile so here's what happening . Leaving Pamplona I caught a bus to Los Arcos where I stayed one night at Casa Austria. The following day after a nice breakfast of bread bread and more bread and jelly and coffee I started off for my next designation which was casa Marela (sp) in Tierra del Rio. I've been meeting some really cool people. One girl 26 years old has traveled the world .She does not have a phone and she doesn't know where she's going one day to the next. The best place for her so far was a town in New Zealand I forget the name. Today she has a very swollen foot and it's going to stop her Camino. She said she's young enough that she can come back and finish it later. This is just an example of some of the folks that I've met. After Tierra del Rio I walked to Viana 6 miles away where I am staying at the Albergue Izar. Walking from Los Arcos to Tierra del Rio was 4 miles of relatively flat land. Walking from Tierra del Rio to Viana which is 6 miles was extremely difficult with most of it being uphill and downhill in very steep angles and also quite rocky.. I had to keep reminding myself while climbing up the hills the reason why I was here which is for the fun of it! These hills were not any fun believe me.. The scenery is magnificent which makes up for the steep hills. The people that I have been meeting are very interesting, like that 26 year old I just mentioned, and well worth the trip. We can all bitch and moan about the Hills which seems to make it less painful. Make sure if you do the Camino that you know Spanish. Communicating is extremely difficult for me here .or get to know somebody who can translate for you.

I am sitting here in the court yard waiting for a driver from Casa Fuente Verde to come pick me up I am going to spend a couple days there relaxing my knee and then return back here to Albergue Izar to continue on. The next leg is to heafd to Logrono . Wifi is very scarce here so I'll get back to you all as soon as I can. Remember any mistakes on this blog are caused by voice activated typing
because I never make mistakes Buen Camino..

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28th May 2016

I also plan to stay at Izar...
and thanks for the heads up about the steep climbs before Viana,
28th May 2016

the hills
Oh yes the hills! I used to remind myself to keep the lovely thoughts in order, a beautiful view was first, the fact that it meant an arduous climb out of a valley was just secondary!
6th June 2016

Am loving these photos, Joe :) Sorry to hear about your knee... working quite a lot, now, so I am behind on your blog posts but am slowly catching up. Take care!
8th June 2016

Los Arcos at el
Forgiven this time ..don't let it happen again :) .

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