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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 20th 2018

Just a couple of questions first. Is it bad luck if your glasses fall off your head into a communal toilet? Any suggestions on the best way to clean E.coli germs from a pair of multifocals? I wore my sunglasses all day today. If I ever decide to walk across the Pyrenees Mountains again, remind me that today was the most physically demanding day of my life and I never want to repeat it. I won’t be writing much today because my keyboard finger hurts, as does everywhere else. Also I have a pair of glasses to clean. The morning began with fresh croissants and coffee ( sounds good so far) and I walked out of the albergue alone at 7am. Already I’m a better person; no rush, no alarm set. I knew the pack was ... read more
part of the climb

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 1st 2017

Saint-jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles: I went bed last night and fell asleep fairly easily for once. I woke up around 6am, had breakfast and a couple of coffee, packed my backpack, and was out the door before 7:30. I went a block down the street to see if I could someone to take a photo of me at the Spanish Gate. A youngish guy said sure, took my photo, and ended walking with me all the way to Roncesvalles! His name is Raresh and he is from Romania. I have to say he was a bit of a slave driver, encouraging me not to stop long or often, but thanks partly to him, I made it all the way and good time and health. We will probably continue on together tomorrow. The sights along ... read more
Camino Sign
Up the Pyrenees
Albergue Orisson

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 3rd 2015

After the last few stops we finally have wifi that works. I will try to do several blogs to up date. But first let me share a couple of photos of Terri at home in St Jean Pied de Port. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 3rd 2015

Hopefully Terri pictures will attach... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles August 24th 2015

August 24, 2015 To start with this is my first attempt to BLOG so set your expectations very low and I may peter out before the end of our trip. Terri and I are getting very excited to start our trip of 800 km over the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied-de-Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the Camino Frances. Last Saturday we packed and repacked our back packs to lighten our load as we will be carrying all our belonging for our trip on our backs. Everyone tells us 10% of your body weight or less is what should be the max and we have accomplished that but think perhaps even less would be better because when I put on the pack and think of walking 20-40 km in a day, it feels heavy already. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles August 21st 2015

Friday, August 21, St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Roncesvalles, Spain GPS 15.83 miles 9 hours walking, 4500 feet elevation gain? Arrived 1725 Harlan left on his Camino at 8:25. After breakfast we walked through the Market or Navarre gate, down to the church and through the traditional start of El Camino, the Notre Dame gate. It is a beautiful morning. The sunrise revealed mist over the pass, down the valley, toward which Harlan would soon be heading. I return and see the message that they, have indeed, sent our luggage off to Paris. This is all very mysterious as later today, upon arrival in Roncesvalles, Spain, there will be a text indicating a courier had picked up the bags for delivery. I do not know where he was headed! Part of the Paris snafu ... read more
Portal Notre Dame leaving St. Jean
View looking back towards St. Jean
The view ahead

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 28th 2014

A taxing day for anyones body but we made it to Roncevalles Spain alive and decrepit. The Pyrenees is behind us now so it should get easier(so they say). If you watched the movie "The Way" you'll recognize the. Hostel we stayed in the picture where Yost and Martin Sheen sat outside at night and talked alls good ..meeting nice people . Next stop somewhere between Roncevalles and Larrasoana ... read more
Monastery at Roncevalles
Pilgrims Mass -1000 yr old Church Roncevalles
The Way

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 24th 2014

I think the late Chrissie A. was right, there's a fine line between pleasure and pain and I think I crossed into pain today. Nothing much can prepare you for the first stage of the Camino. We had breakfast at the albergue at 6.30am and headed out into the street to begin walking. The night before was an Aussie contingent with Libby and Doug from Tasmania, Connor and Beth from Canberra and Sue and me from Victoria . The walk to Orisson is 8 kms up a steep hill and we were informed it then becomes an easier crisscross sort of walk to the peak. Rubbish ! It was a grind the whole way, over tarred tracks, dirt tracks, and tracks that were covered in rocks. The latter were mainly downhill. We walked through shaded beech ... read more
Dinner at SJPP
Heading Off
SJPP from afar..

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles March 3rd 2013

Winter will soon be over, or so we hope! Bearing that in mind we headed up into the Pyrenees and revisited Roncesvalles. At first we were disappointed by how little snow there was but then suddenly we hit the snow line and it was impressive. Huge banks of snow lined the road where it had been swept to one side and enormous piles could be seen between the houses. A short time ago several of the villages in the region had been completely cut off due to fresh snowfall. A glimpse inside the courtyard of the Real Colegiata de Roncesvalles showed us exactly why. It was full of snow as you can see from the photos. Many people had parked up to get a closer look and to supervise their children sliding down the small slopes ... read more
Amazing views
The Bogey Buggy!
Trish on the woodland path

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles October 13th 2012

Wow! What more can we say?!! This was our first trip up into the mountains and what a journey it was. The sun was shining as the autumn colours were just beginning to come out in force. It was almost perfect. We drove along the road to France and soon found ourselves completely taken aback by the beauty that was unfolding around us. Our first major stop was the town of Burgete. We had a good walk around and a bit of lunch in one of Ernest Hemingway's old hangouts. The town is lovely and we have vowed to return and stay over in a casa rural so we can do some walking in the area. We were also amazed by the murals on the walls of public buildings - even the bank had one! Further ... read more
Murals in Burgete

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