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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 23rd 2018

Today was HOT. Really hot. After a restless sleep in a hot room with stereo snoring battering me from either side ( it may have been the 3Tenors but obviously I can’t hear myself snore ), I was getting ready at 5.30am. I had organised to walk with a couple of women , so we were finally walking at 6.32. I am probably developing patience here because I don’t feel I can suggest we get moving. It was all good and were joined by Pat, a retired English policewoman, and a young South Korean woman whose name I did not catch. They had no headlights and they are a must for an early morning walk to Alto Del Perdon, a climb on mostly good paths, on the walk to Puente La Reina. Breakfast was at Zariquiegui, ... read more
Donation food stall
Wind Power
The destination in the distance

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 3rd 2017

Cizur Menor to Maneru: Last night we ate the Pilgrims Menu. I had the house soup, filet of hake with fries, and a delicious local dessert. I negotiated with the waitress and got a coffee instead of the water and wine. Everything was quite good and filling, as usual. Although there was a festival in town and the music was pretty loud, I fell asleep quickly and slept most of the night, waking up a bit late, at almost 7:30, along with my Camino friends. We quickly packed up and headed out, myself, Raresh, and the Danish lady named Kirsten Underlen. Today was a special day, since we would reach the Alto de Perdon, a highpoint on the Camino where they have a group of metal sculptures of pilgrims. Since we hadn't had breakfast yet, ... read more
Albergue San Andres breakfast
The climb to the Alto de Perdon
Alto de Perdon scupltures and we pilgrims

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 23rd 2016

Yesterday afternoon was spent relaxing and exploring Cizur Menor. Not much to see but a small park with soft, lush grass became my bed for about 40 minutes. I sat and chatted to 2 Americans and a young Korean guy for a while and w as amazed to fear he had walked 49 kilometres that day. He had pressure bandages on both knees and feet full of blisters; not bad for day 2! Dinner was eaten at the local pub and we shared a table with two German women. It was a very quiet session as they knew no English and our German is nicht up to scratch. They do about 25 kilometres of the Camino every year but by the look of them, I don't think they will ever see Santiago; they're as young as ... read more
Is it a bird, is it a plane...
The breakfast stop
This reflects how you feel on the Camino at times!

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina August 27th 2015

27 August 2015, Thursday. GPS 14.25 miles 6 hours moving 8 hours total time. Fitbit: 148 stairs, 14.96 miles, 34,250 steps. To Puente de la Reina Inigo is ready to go at 6:40 but Harlan is still getting all the cords for charging 2 cell phones, hearing aids, Garmin 410 GPS watch, IPAD, Chromebook and portable power supply rounded up and in my backpack. Think NOT light!. At 10 minutes to 7 we are out the door to the underground parking and their new VW camper van with Karen's OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) bag in tow. Harlan has a replacement bag filled with necessarys such as hiking boots, tevas, hiking zip off pants, sweatshirt (certainly not needed in the heat we experienced last few days), replacement socks, underwear and t-shirt. We had done a crash marathon ... read more
Karen and Moira with Pamplona in background
The cutouts at top of Windmill Hill
Sign Post - from here to other places

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 28th 2014

Today we start from Pamplona and walk to Puente La Reina, a total of about 24 kms. We left our accommodation at 7 am in a taxi and were dropped at the point to continue our walk. Not much point walking through an area of suburban Pamplona that we had already traipsed through numerous times, so a taxi was the order of the day. Starting in the dark, the town lights illuminated the path enough to continue walking and we made good progress despite Sue having numerous blisters and I had a developing problem with a toe that became worse during the day. It's a family blog so no photos are shown. More pain than anything from having your feet constantly compressed into the toe of the boots on steep rocky declines. Still, there's plenty of ... read more
Leaving Cizur Menor and heading up to the wind turbines
A common up or downhill path
Wild Poppies

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 28th 2014

Today is a bit of a rest and recovery day. I managed to get Wifi at last so I spent some time with emails and this Blog. The Wifi in most places has been poor but this could be due to demand being high. After lunch we walked into town where a festival was happening and it would be an understatement to say the Spanish know how to have fun. Walking through the dense crowded streets, the noise was unbelievable. Groups of musicians, singers, mobile DJ's with dancing crowds following them, all pumped up the atmosphere to 11 out of 10. A few pictures really can't transport you to the joy, the voices, music and aromas of food vendors poised on each corner. The parade consisted of oversized puppets dancing and swirling, again followed by hundreds ... read more
Pamplona street scene
Traditional singers and musicians; very deep and strong harmonies.
Part of the festival parade

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 6th 2014

What another good day. One of the girls had a hard time walking so we stayed a bit behind today, walking slower. It made it so much easier to enjoy the sights. Started at 7am and walkdd through 1pm to end up at a great hostel. On the way walked up o the peak of a mountain. Not o ly did I not stop to catch my breath, which I had to do a couple times before, because we were taking our time I was able to take in all nature offers. The windmills in the back on the top of the mountain, which ended up being something we passed by in the end, about 750m higher up above sealevel, the sunrise, the sight of backpacks and people on the camino.... Today Lena and I talked ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina June 24th 2013

Sorry my pictures aren't downloading. I had a bunch almost done and the wireless signal fritzed for a second and gone.I may just have a pictorial entry when I get home and do a walk thru like that. This was an AMAZING day and sadly I don't have time to share it tonight. I got to walk with God today and see glorious wonders. It ended with mass here and the padre noting pilgrims in the crowd blessed us. I didn't get dinner because of mass being late. But when i returned to the hostel friends had made lots of food and fed me. They even took extras to a beggar outside the church. I walked a number of miles with a Serbian educator today and learned much. I prayed with my German roommate at mass. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina June 21st 2013

So 1600mg of Ibuprofen later and Fiona is pinging down today's trail, only wish we had found this product 22 years ago! Walk through about 3km of the city and the first 10km of the trail in rain -4th day in a row - stopped at a couple of great spots for coffee, tea and pastries. The agreement when we left was I could walk ahead provided I waited at any intersection I came across until Fiona turned up. So we start up a hill and I head off leaving Fiona, yvette and father Ken trailing behind. About half way up I notice a trail heading off to the left that indicates bikes should go this way and hikers straight ahead. I took this path as I could see that further up the hill the tracks ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina October 12th 2012

Half an hour's drive to the South West of Pamplona is the beautiful town of Puente La Reina. It's where the two main routes of the Camino de Santiago de Compostelafootpath meet. Obviously we didn't walk, but we did have a good meander around the streets and we loved what we saw. The architecture, narrow streets and churches give the place a real medieval feel. There were a few "pilgrims" walking the trail but there were more tourists toting cameras blocking our way! Other than the pleasant atmosphere there didn't seem to be much to see or do, but the bridge from which the town gets its name was certainly worth seeking out. It is very picturesque and we were lucky to see a party of nuns out for a stroll!! Purely by accident we found ... read more
Ornate balconies
Inside the cathedral
Roasting peppers

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