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July 7th 2008
Published: July 8th 2008
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Yes sir, i made it. running with the bulls. ive been dreaming about this for years and now ive done it. I got there just in time to make the opening ceremonies. A big parade with lots of revelers. the streets are paked for the length of the day. Sangria flowing like water. One hell of a party.

Fireworks blast through the sky hourly, while marching bands and iconic parades press through the masses. I traded in my blue jeans and t-shirt, for the standard uni of white pants and shirt with red sash and neckerchief. this was to remain white for about the next five minutes. once i arrived in the square, sangria, beer, flour, eggs, fruit and water, flew through the air in almost every direction. the spanish seem obsest with the throwing of food types, i.e. in august the giant tomatoe fight.

After consuming copius amounts of sangria myself, i proceded to dance the night away, singing spanish songs with new spanish friends, getting blasted by the fire house they used to clean the street, sneaking backstage at the free concert, and just generally running amuck. i was one of the best parties ever.

then at about 4am, i wandered down to the street they run the bulls on and waited for their inevitable release. yes, i am dumb enough to intentionally place myself in the path of an angry steam rolling bull. the running went off at 8am, i made it about 300meters before the bulls caught up, then i dove over a fence to saftey. the bulls passed me with out incedence, but others behind me were not so fortunate. to my understanding, no one was killed, but they sure didnt look very good.

as i was slightly injured before the running began, due to a minor fall some days before, after the run my bum hurt like the dickens. so i resigned myself to just the one run. knowing that staying longer would mean more sangria, less pain in my rear, and an eventual second or third run, i decided to vacate pamplona and thus thwart any invitaion to injury.

at the train station, i discovered that all the trains were booked to barcelona were booked. but after a little question and answer session with a ticket agent i managed my way onto several different trains to end up in barcelona at near 9pm. some more q&a led me to this hostel and a bed i sorely needed. tomorrow, olde town barcelona.

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8th July 2008

a saw ass from a minor fall hey bob????? it looked (to me) like more of a 12 foot tumble down a cliff edge before an inevitable 15 foot drop into a hole... i cannot believe you went running! although then again, it is BOB after all.

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