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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Lesaka June 16th 2012

Like a blister in the sun (Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes) Yes the dreaded ones reared their heads today. Not too bad but I´ll need to keep on top of it to make sure I´m ok Other than that, today was a walk of 27.4 Km, not counting the fact I had to turnaround and go back to Roncevalles because I forgot to fill my water bottle. Luckily I´d only gone a couple of hundred metres. I could blame the group of half a dozen pilgrims who had just returned from Santiago at six in the morning to take their photos under the famous ´Santiago 790Kms´sign with their completed compostella certificates. I could, but that would be a lie... The last five Kms today were hot and I thought that I had missed the ... read more

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