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Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro July 11th 2016

Having made it to the Atlantic Ocean it’s now time to head back south to Barcelona, but first we headed along the coast to Bilbao. The only problem was the rain and clouds have rolled in and there were no sea views on the way to Bilbao, but the weather clear for a visit to the city for lunch and a walk around the city. After driving in along the river we got a great view of the Guggenheim Museum, what a great building it is like a sculpture itself. Today we parked next to the train station then walked across the river to the old city to view church of San Nicolas (the patron saint of sailors), Plaza Nueva where the people of Bilbao meet up to munch on Pintxos and the Cathedral of Santiago. ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro April 29th 2014

April 24, 2014 Thursday night at Haro We woke up and it’s raining. Kirsten is first into the shower and I’m second. We’re down stairs and find Hedy and Bill already having breakfast. We relax and have a nice breakfast. Our hotel receptionist reminds us it’s Market day in Estella. Kirsten is excited and of we go to the market. The first market has shirts, pants, shoes and any other clothing you can imagine. The next plaza over Kirsten finds the real market, olives, vegetables, and salted fish. No chicken man or pork man to be found. Darn I really wanted some of the local roasted meats. Oh well, after walking the market we deicide it’s time to go. We load up into the car and off we go to visit the cathedral, it the 8th ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro April 29th 2014

Day 20 April 25, 2014 A day in the Rioja Bodegas We wake up Kirsten excited about seeing the Bodegas (Vineyards in Spain) We visit the first, very nice looking we order a tasting, the high end and the low end. We walk to the second and have a tasting. High & Low We walk to the third and have tasting. High & low, they have a cave, very cool. We then load up and head toward two monasteries. The names were YUSO & SUSO. We then walked around and checked everything out, very old but maintained. We drove back to HARO through the vineyards as far and we could see. Nice day, sunny but cold. We get back to our hotel and take a nap. We then get up and go downtown looking for dinner. ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro November 10th 2013

Oopsy, haven’t written in a while, not since the end of July and now we’re well into October (actually November by the time I finished writing this) time flies when you’re having fun! Our year is well over halfway through and we’re not ready to be thinking about coming home yet, as we are enjoying ourselves far too much! When I last wrote we were just about to leave Germany after spending some time in the beautiful South Germany countryside. We headed into France via the Black Forest then the Dijon area before arriving at La Roque Gageac in the Dordogne, roughly at the same time as the heat wave. You’ve not experienced 40 degree heat until you’ve experienced it living in a tin can with no electricity (so no fan or cold drinks/able to keep ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro September 5th 2013

Our stop for the night was Camping Haro in the town of the same name. The area is famous for Rioca wine. Visits to a bodega are the main things that people come to Haro and we hoped to purchase some of it as our wine supply was getting a little low. Bring on some of that red stuff. The Site was quite big but friendly. Reception was open and it looked as if the English Camping and Caravan club used it regularly for rallies. The cost was 16 euros a night as it is an ACSI site. We had a choice of a few large areas to park and picked one that was what we thought would be fairly shady. There were tall trees behind us which prevented Kathrein from even trying to pick ... read more
He gets everywhere.

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro September 3rd 2013

We set the alarm off for 7.00 giving us time to have a quick breakfast, clear away and be on the road for Spain for 8.00. The border came quickly and surprisingly. There was no EU blue sign stating we were entering Spain just a toll station which we recognised as not being French. I wonder if in this part of France they dont quite know what they feel and in the Basque country they don’t want to recognise their Spanishness and prefer to ignore it and be just Basques. I can understand that coming from one of the smallest nations in the world. Being Welsh you understand the need to maintain your own customs, your own language and your own identity. Seeing the road signs in two languages reinforced the difference between this part of ... read more
Pilgrims on the Carmino de Santiago
A humerous take on speed

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro July 6th 2011

See text in English below 16 de junio 2010 El objetivo era llegar a San Sebastián desde casa tranquilamente en tres días. El primer día había fijado mi destino en Haro, una etapa que para mi era ambiciosa. Aún así, salí muy tarde. Estuvo lloviendo bastante fuerte toda la mañana, así que esperé a que escampara un poco. Cuando parecía que llovía más suave salí, y cuando estaba ya en ruta siguió lloviendo como había llovido gran parte del resto de la mañana, entre suave y fuerte. En este tiempo del año es cuando por estas tierras el campo está más bonito. Aún los trigos y cereales estaban de un verde fresco y radiante. Cuando llegué a Riocerezo, a unos 15 kilómetros de casa, estaba ya cansado, mojado, frío y destemplado. Hasta Briviesca no paré. ... read more
La Bureba

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro March 27th 2011

Sunday March 6th 2011 We awoke with frost on the windscreen and said our goodbyes to Bill and Sue. As we took the long drive across Spain to Burgos, we saw a few hardy pilgrims making their way across the route to Santiago di Compostella. Pilgrimages had been part of the boys’ curriculum, having discussed the Hajj and the Canterbury Tales, as well as this particular route, so it was great to see it come to life. The peaks along the way were snow-covered and picturesque and were enough of an inspiration to us to seriously consider tackling part of the pilgrimage route ourselves in the future. When we arrived at Burgos, the campsite restaurant was full to brimming with local Spanish people who, due to the site’s proximity to the park and woodland use the ... read more
Playtime at Burgos
Across the plain
Pilgrim's trail

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro September 7th 2010

Geo: 42.5772, -2.84628Exhausted this morning ... the lack of sleep is catching up to me and though I had every intention of getting to bed early last night, I was up until close to 3 AM reading "The Girl Who Played With Fire" - this book is too damn good! But there was no time to be tired today - off to do some tasting of La Rioja's famous wines! The town of Haro is considered the heart of La Rioja, and for those without a car, is the best place for visiting the many bodegas in the region. It's not the most exciting town, but it is tiny and cute (like most Spanish women), and made for a nice day trip from Logrono. Most bodegas require that you book a tour in advance so I ... read more
Logrono's Iglesia Parroquial Santo Tomas

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