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October 8th 2013
Published: October 8th 2013
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Ahhhh, school. It's a little strange to be In School again after more than five months out...but what I just realize is how much I ADORE school. I'm trying to hard to pick up Spanish, to both understand and speak the wonderfully useful language. Which means Tuesdays and Thursdays my life revolves around my lessons at the universidad de vigo. Every other day of the week is simply filled with flash cards!

Today was no exception, it began earlier than I would have liked--with taking the babies to school before I napped before taking the bus up the many hills to the university. Once there I ran some errands and then headed to class, where I spent two hours being slightly confused but happy to be learning (past tense today; something I need a lot of help with).

After school I ran to catch the bus before going home and then to the gym.

I then got two of the kids (while the other two went to hockey with their parents) and took them home.

After a relaxing evening of them doing homework and playing and BEHAVING. After I put them to bed, I had my weekly skype call with my best friend—Phoebe—who goes to UNC and is AMAZING. Just an AMAZING human being. After a wonderful forty-five minutes we went our separate ways for the week and I got a good night’s sleep.


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