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October 7th 2013
Published: October 8th 2013
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A day back and I am happy and content. Getting back at night was VERY interesting! It comprised me waiting an hour for a bus that never came to find out that it doesn't run on Sundays (boooooo!), so I walked home from the bus station; and let's just put it this way---it's usually a 45-60 minute bus journey...so that was super fun...at 11pm...when I was sure I was going to be mugged...again...but I made it, safe and sound!

Thus, I lived to tell the tale. Once home, susi and I chatted for a while before going to bed. She to me that I didn't need to work in the morning---because she's an angel. So this morning I had a nice lie in.

After which, aka at 11am, I got up and hot the gym.

There I spent a whole working out when I decided to try a new machine...but I really didn't know how to work it, so it was incredibly hard for 3 minutes until a man came and turned down the intensity from 100 to 40...and then it was hard but MUCH better!!

After the gym I showered and got changed and then went to run some errands around town.

After the boring stuff, I met up with two other au pairs from Germany: Lena and Berivan for lunch and frozen yogurt (Lena and my favorite!).

I then went by Vodafone (a mobile phone company that I use here) and I spent thirty confusing minutes with a woman who talked down to me the whole time, ignored my had signals and finally decided to help me after taking a call from her mother in the middle of everything...but as susi says "the Spanish are IMPOSSIBLE and this sort of thing!!!!!" (And she's Spanish!).

After all that I picked up the kids and had a nice evening with them, going to the park and chatting before home and homework.

After I helped put them to bed, I went to a local cafe to have a glass of vino tinto and talk to one of my best friends, Henry, about his life in Rhode Island and life in general! All in all, another good day 😊


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