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August 21st 2007
Published: September 9th 2007
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Manuel, Stacey and BenManuel, Stacey and BenManuel, Stacey and Ben

At a seafood restaurant...
Well upon reaching Vigo, we were invited to teach english at company owned by our friend from Pueblo Ingles, Manuel. Although he required someone to work for 2-3 months, we trimmed it down to 4 weeks and a bit to fit our travels. So we are coming home a bit late, 4 weeks or so to accomodate for this change.

I won´t go into details about our classes, but we teach 4 staff members who work for a company called Equantia. One part of the company deals with foerign trade, they offer advice to companies who want to sell their products internationally. They also offer advice to companies on Social corporate responsiblities and data protection software.

We have been staying with a very nice spanish couple, Carmen and Amarlio who have been taking good care of us. Carmen speaks quite good english so we are able to communicate farly well. Amarlio only speaks a few words. This had lead to some interesting situations, one of which when Emarlio cut Bens hair, and Carmen wasn´t around to translate.. but it turned out well, he took a lot of patience with it!We have also been able to leave the van in
Oyster ladiesOyster ladiesOyster ladies

At the Stone market
a very nice safe spot out on Carmen´s parents farm. On our last weekend in Vigo we went out for a religous festival to have a meal with the family. We had fish, prawns and crabs. The whole time cannons were going off for the festival.. very festive!

We have been having a fantastic time in Vigo, it´s a very vibrant city with some great beaches. Manuel has shown us the sights and taken us to some fantastic resturants where we have had some local food and wine. I have never eaten so much sea food in my life. The people here are very freindly and passionate about Vigo. Every one keeps trying to convince us to stay.

We have had a visit from some Aussie friends who come from Geelong, whom we orginally met in Validevilla. Had a great night on the town, it was nice to be in the company of some typical aussies for a change.

We also went on a trip out to visit some of Manuels other friends who had adopted two chinese children, apprantly it is very popular thing to do in spain. The girls were gorgeous and very entertaining.

An interesting roundabout
and his friend look us for a weekend in Sansenso and surrounds, where we enjoyed a fatastic club scene and so beautiful secenery surrounding it. We went to the place where the spanish call the end of the world, where before columbus discoved america the spanish thought it was the end of the world. We also visited some beuatiful remote beaches and villages, one of which makes the best pies (empanada) in the world according to Manuel.

We took a trip to thius island, situated in Vigo Bay. It is a national park; with beatiful beaches and peace and quiet! We also went to German Beach; famous for its soft sand but it required nuding up.. a new thing for us but we got used to it.

Well we are now ending the teaching period, and we have had a great time. Not only have we learnt a bit more about english (and how many rules we break when speaking it) but also the culture of the provence, Galicia, where Vigo is situated in, as well as a little spanish.

Hope everyone is well,


ben and stace

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Me and Ben cooking some ChorizoMe and Ben cooking some Chorizo
Me and Ben cooking some Chorizo

now ben´s favourite food
a loverly resturant a loverly resturant
a loverly resturant

a gorgeous resturant in a small village just outside of vigo
trip to the beachtrip to the beach
trip to the beach

with Carmen who also works at the office and her brother Osca
visit from some of our aussie friendsvisit from some of our aussie friends
visit from some of our aussie friends

Dave and Dianne from Geelong met us with us in Vigo. We orignally met them in Validivilla

With Manuel, Carmen and Amarlio, and Manuel´s friends who have two adopted chinese girls
surronding coastlinesurronding coastline
surronding coastline

The north west coastline of spain

As nice as it was, the water was almost too cold to swim..

The company we worked for!
The Ben and Stacey BandThe Ben and Stacey Band
The Ben and Stacey Band

So called because of the numerous members affiliated with the group. We wrote a Spanish song, our first european hit!

14th November 2007

Ben y Stacey, deseamos poder volver a veros pronto por Vigo. Un abrazo muy fuerte de todos.
6th March 2008

Lovely Restaurant
Hi guys, great blog I'm from NZ and teach English in Vigo. I wonder if you can tell me where that "lovely" restaurant is? Great blog, enjoy your travels Brendan.
26th January 2009

I recognise the restaurant Brendan
Hi Brendan, I think that restaurant is called the watermill. It´s been renovated. The food is top quality and one of the most reasonably priced I´ve ever been too in the area. It´s not in Vigo itself....can´t quite remember the name of the area....out towards Redondela I think.
16th July 2009

Ben and Stacey, I am an American living in the Sanxenxo area. I was wondering if you could pass along any contact information for teaching positions. I would greatly appreciate any help that you may have to offer. Graciñas, Tyrone Ashton

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