Day 8. Santiago de Compostela.

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May 25th 2017
Published: May 26th 2017
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Well, It's been a funny old day today Gggggranville!!! Early at the Praza do Obradoiro and Cathedral because of the heat. Such a wonderful atmospheric place, with so many nationalities and the exultant weary travellers reaching their destination. We saw four young Americans, very sore-footed but delighted to have made it!! Of course, they may have only travelled from McDonalds 2k away 😊

The cathedral, Praza and old town were beautiful. A little dampenerwas put on the morning, when, on taking a photo of a quaint street, I was assaulted by an old lady, who slapped my arm as she thought I was taking her photo! Maybe she's on the police wanted list!

Discovered today's a holiday-only in Santiago- after visiting two supermarkets, both closed. An incredible thunderstorm right overhead, raged for a couple of hours this afternoon, cleared to sunshine, but looks to be returning again.

Have decided to move on tomorrow , to Salamanca, as serious problems on this site for poor people becoming stuck near us, as no pitches, but still being allowed onto the site. Graham spent hours turning people away-the last 10 minutes ago, helping them reverse...poor management, just making money!!!

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