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November 3rd 2016
Published: November 3rd 2016
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Scaffolding Is Never Far AwayScaffolding Is Never Far AwayScaffolding Is Never Far Away

Building in the background is where I stayed
Little to write about today. I had an early breakfast, an early shower, and an earlier last check and pack up. I'd hate to be on the plane and realise that something I wanted was in my pack. On the other hand, I can't fit much in my small pack. Being a master procrastinator, this took some time and a few double checks.

After breakfast I went for my usual nice coffee at my usual nice shop. I can't do that tomorrow and the realisation sets in; this is it. It's 9am and I'm on coffee 3 at my wifi cafe where I will be joined by Ken, John,and Mike, Ken's friend. We had dinner last night and Mike is a top guy; very funny with very Scottish views, most of which I agree with.

My pack is at the Hospitaleria SMP and I pick it up at 1pm. Until then I'll just cruise around, take it all in, and work out how to spend my remaining 55€, bearing in mind I need a bus fare and something at the airport. Adios

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The CloistersThe Cloisters
The Cloisters

Added later, the Embattlements in the foreground were often manned by soldiers as the battle between the Church and the Nobility continued over who really ruled Santiago
The Clacker TowerThe Clacker Tower
The Clacker Tower

This tower has a huge clacker, similar to those used at sports games. On Good Friday and Easter Sunday, traditionally times of sorrow, the bells are replaced by the clackers for the day.

Cloister, Cloister,

Used as a cemetery in the courtyard.
The Last SupperThe Last Supper
The Last Supper

Well, my last breakfast anyway. Medieval dining room. Could have been anything originally.

3rd November 2016

It's been a pleasure to follow your travels...
along the Camino once again!
4th November 2016

Portugese Route Next?
Maybe in a couple of years.

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