Last Day In Santiago; No Tears, Just Quiet Relief, It's Time To Go.

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November 2nd 2016
Published: November 2nd 2016
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Yesterday 569 people arrived in Santiago. Whether it's by foot, bicycle, pulling a trolley, or on a guided walking tour, that's a lot of people. Of course there are also many directions to approach it from as well, but the Franc├ęs Camino is by far the more popular way.

A pilgrimage is meant to be a way of renewal in a spiritual or religious sense but these days it is much more than that.

People often face their 'demons' along the Way, and before your eyebrows yell ' Oh yeah ?!', we do all have some to different degrees; well, maybe not me, right? People spend long periods walking alone, and unless your tuned into music or absorbed by everything around you, you will think and chop and change, and sometimes delve into places that a normal busy life doesn't allow you too. Last night we had dinner with a woman who revealed she cried uncontrollably a few times while walking, and claimed the Camino to be a very successful 850km psych session for her. It's not an uncommon story and I understand where she's coming from.

I like walking alone while others walk in small groups and chatter continuously. The Camino actually does my head in sometimes, literally. I even purposely change the topic I'm having with myself if it's heading into negative or uncomfortable territory. What a nut case! I hope my Caminos have given me some clarity, and I have things I know I can improve on or change in life to be better and more receptive or tolerant in my life. God, while I've been gone my footy team gave away its first and second in its best and fairest this year, and I'm OK with that. Now that's an improvement.

Seriously, if I've helped encourage anyone to go down this path, even for a different or shorter Camino, I'd say start planning; it won't happen by itself. I'd do it again tomorrow and find it's a great way to meet a wide range of people, improve your body ( after wrecking it a bit) and mind, and experience a wonderful culture with great people, at a speed that ensures you absorb it all.

Just a mention of today's main excursion. We took a guided tour in the Cathedral and it was all conducted on the roof. That's right, you climb up
The Breakfast BarThe Breakfast BarThe Breakfast Bar

Meat, cheese, cereals, toast, yoghurt, fruit salad, fruit (always pinch a few for later), all beverages; perfect.
stairs to the rooftop, step out, and enjoy a view of Santiago that no one else has. The young girl guiding us was superb and the insight into the history of the Camino and how the Cathedral ties into it was comprehensive and a real eye opener. I'll try for some pics tomorrow , otherwise I will do one last entry from home to wrap it up. I have to go to a Bar to download pics and tomorrow may not be the time to do it. Adios.

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Dinner RoomDinner Room
Dinner Room

Very personal attention that day
The Monestry I'm In.The Monestry I'm In.
The Monestry I'm In.

Just the best place I've ever stayed. Must do it again!

Camino CoolCamino Cool
Camino Cool

Sandals and socks. Me on the left, Ken on the right; 11 Caminos between us. Ken, obviously, kicks up the numbers. I've had a bit of flack over this but hey, whatever works.

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