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April 18th 2015
Published: May 8th 2015
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When thinking of Spain lots of people do not think of forests, wooded hills, mountains and GREEN spaces.... but Galicia has this in abundance. And why is it so green - well of course the rainclouds travel across the Atlantic and on meeting that North West corner of Spain let go the rain. And being close to the Atlantic coast there is also quite a bit of fog and this was the situation when we flew ... Read Full Entry

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8th May 2015

Spain are right, that this is not the usual view of Spain. Lovely to read your comments about the places and some spectacular photos! I love reading your blog!
9th May 2015

What a lovely part of Spain
It is so good to see another blog Lynne. Our travel is very limited this year so it is great to have all your travels to return to and re-read! Thank you so much. Not so long ago we saw a cooking programme with Rick Stein in that part of Europe, tantilising us with all the fish dishes!! Yum!
9th May 2015

Beauty and Seafood
Wow-- what a wonderful description. I knew very little of this part of Spain but it sounds great. I'll add it to the list. It does sound like you may need another trip to finish exploring the area. Nice photos
10th May 2015
A Guarda  (34)

Magical Celtic settlements
I love Galicia, and as you discovered, it's so green, Celtic and historic. When I walked the Camino, I was stunned by the dry-stone walls, green fields and rain so reminiscent of the British Isles. How fabulous that Anabel is from there and her baby a natural traveler, so you have a great excuse to visit regularly, especially since her family home sounds so lovely with its wild places to walk, Maya can hear people speaking Galician and you love the region's tempting seafood. I hope you revisit Santiago when the restoration is complete. The cathedral and many of the surrounding churches, monasteries and palaces are covered with gorgeous stone carvings. But what a lovely first experience there!
13th May 2015

'Green' Spain
You're a natural writer Lynne. Certainly has whetted my interest in Galicia. I've long been fascinated by all things Celtic and Galicia is a serious omission on my 'must visit' list. Brittany this year - Galicia a must and soon. Love to hear the locals speaking Galician - probably sounds a bit Welsh?? The seafood sounds a definate winning experience. Love it. Good one Lynne. Graham
16th May 2015
Lobster y Arroz

Foodie delight
This one is fantastic. I really need to go to Spain
20th May 2015

we really enjoyed Galicia as well
Nice to travel back to the Galicia area with you as we really enjoyed being there ourselves. It really was quite something to listen to the Celtic music and know that you are still in Spain! Look forward to traveling with you again wherever you go next!

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