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October 28th 2011
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Funny thing about time, sometimes it seems to move so slow, but before you know it a month has past by already! So far this month, I have been trying to acclamate, to the culture, food, weather, people, etc. I am finally used to my school schedule and am really enjoying my time there. This week I taught lessons about Halloween, which was so much fun. I made a bulletin board display at the entrance of the school, to get everyone in the Holiday spirit, and I even dressed up today as a witch! I finally got a little pumpkin, he's hanging out in our living room. I'm gonna put up some decorations too! My house is finally starting to feel like home, we don't have much, but its comfortable. The weather was great up until this week, and then it took a familiar turn for the worse. Today we were suprised with some sun, which was such a nice treat! It has been a bit difficult socially, but luckily I have my roommates who are now more like friends, and I recently have been spending time with other auxiliars, which has been fun. I'm also starting to do some tutoring in the afternoons, which will be a great way to meet more people, and make some extra dinero. I'm still trying to get Zumba up and running, been a little tricky, but I'm not giving up! Coming up: Tonight-film festival, Monday-Halloween parties! Tuesday-No school ("day of the dead") Next weekend- I'm going to Barcelona to see my friend Sara, and can't wait!! Hope you all are doing well and having fun!!


28th October 2011

Happy Hallooween and Big Applause!!
So, I applaud you 100% and THAT'S MY GIRL! From one world traveler to another, I think living in a foreign country is one of the best things a person can do. And, especially if you embrace life, learn from the culture, share your own, take each day with a childlike wonderment and above all HAVE FUN! And keep up the Zumba!! Love and Hugs - Auntie

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