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June 4th 2007
Published: June 4th 2007
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Me at FinesterraMe at FinesterraMe at Finesterra

Sunset at the end of the world.
The end has come.... I wish I had something really awe insipring to tell, but the journey has been more than I can sum up in words. I arrived here in Santiago on June 2nd, with my good friend from the camino, Pablo. Hi Pablo! It was incredible, we walked up to the catherdral and I felt so happy to have made it. What a journey, I cannot really describe how it was, but all of you who have been on it know. The hard parts, and the days I thought I might not make it have already started to fade away and all that´s left is the joy and freinds and things I learned. Yesterday I spent part of the day in Santiago de Compostela, and then drove out to Finisterre with Pablo, his dad Manolo, and another lady from Norway Gulru. That was great too! We sat at the end of the world and just thought back on the whole experience. Then we burned some clothes! Its a pilgrim tradtion to get there and burn your socks or something. Today Im off to Madrid to meet my mom and travel around Spain until I go to Ireland to visit some more friends from the Camino! I am offically coming back on June 25th, and I cant wait to see everyone in California!


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The steepest Mountain on the trip
Cherry wineCherry wine
Cherry wine

organic cherries made into a wine specailly for pilgrims in the middle of nowhere by the nicest old Spanish man. mmmmmm we had like 6 glasses each!
Camino buddyCamino buddy
Camino buddy

Ross from South Africa, so fabulous!

4th June 2007

glad you'll be coming back to us soon!!! have fun with your mom and your friends from ireland!
4th June 2007

My Ginger's coming back!! Woo hoo!!! So happy!! I need details!!
4th June 2007

PABLO IS HOTTTT! That's all I wanted to say. That, and I miss you.
12th June 2007

Hola Amigo
Hi Ginger, just had a check of your blog there now. Cool to see a few camino photos! Hope all is going well in Spain with your Mum. We'll see you soon, on the 20th I think...good stuff. I really like the quote at the start of your blog about risk. Take it easy chica, Lara
21st June 2007

Hi Ginger, Hope all is well with you, I am now home 19 June, and must apolgize for being so depressed when didn't have more time. My walk to Finnesterre and on to Moxie went extremely well, then back to Santiago where I saw Ross then on to Mallorca for a week and now home. Send email to cinnamongregg@aol.com and let me know you are well. We will meet again, hopefully at BM 07, Cinnamon

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