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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra July 17th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Encore une journée très agréable. Le beau temps, une température de 28°, juste une brise marine en guise de ventilateur. Parfait. C'est bon de faire le plein en Espagne, par rapport au Portugal, moins 0,30e par litre, soit 1,25e. sur 60 litres c'est un billet de 20. En plus j'ai bien plus de facilité à communiquer, avec l'espagnol, même si les portugais m'ont surpris par leur bi-linguiste, mais principalement en anglais. Il y a bien que les français, dont je fais parti, de ce que je constate en Europe, qui reste mono-langue, ou presque. Malgré les réformes que nous vendent, tous les ministres qui défilent, on reste des incultes. Mes voyages nord américain me sauvent pas mal la mise. Retrouvé l'Espagne, c'est aussi retrouver, les "autovia" voies rapides-autoroutes gratuites. Donc beaucoup moins de ... read more
grenier à grain
baie de Vigo
Pintor Laxero Vigo

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra May 5th 2017

My time in Galicia/Spain is nearing an end. I’ve lived in Galicia around 15 months in total, so I figured it was time to do some of the Camino de Santiago. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an increasingly popular pilgrimage route that leads to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. People have been traversing it since the Middle Ages for religious purposes (they say St. James the Apostle’s remains are in the cathedral), but these days, people choose to travel it for other reasons too. Around 200,000 pilgrims made it to Santiago after covering a minimum number of kilometers (100 if you walk) each year for the last 5 years (these are people who registered with the church and received a special certificate, but not everyone registers). The technical end of the ... read more
Camino Portugués, Etapa 3
Os Maios in Redondela
Os Maios in Redondela

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra September 25th 2016

25 September 2016, Sunday, day 25, Pontevedra to Caldes de Reis, 23 kilometers. Hotel O Cruceiro Center Fitbit: 65 stairs, 13.58 miles, 31,085 steps Today, last nights rain had stopped and the moist air created some fog and low clouds as we passed over the old bridge leaving Pontevedra. Brierley accurately describes today's walk."One third of this stage is along natural pathways through woodland along gentle river valleys which we share with the rail line. ..Approaching Caldas de Reis we hop on and off the N-550 but the stretches are short and level with good sight lines...there are few bars or cafes." It was mostly on secondary roads and wooded farm tracts with a few stretches along busy N-550. Many vineyards were along the route. We stopped at the very old church, Igrexa de Santa Maria ... read more
The wide view of the parador
Picturesque bridge as we leave Pontevedra
closer view of bridge and reflected arches

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra September 24th 2016

24 September 2016, Saturday, Redondela to Pontevedra, day 25. 15.3 miles. Parador Nacional Our stay at Hostel Antolin was quite pleasant. Today we decide to interact, as much as possible with the locals! The morning was cool as we walked back along the bay, retracing the way we had come yesterday afternoon. We reached the Camino arrows going over the railroad tracks. We could see the railroad tunnel we had been close to at the hostel, now some distance away. We have a clear view of the bay as we leave and we are greeted by an elderly man leaning out of a second story window! He greets us and, in short order, we find out he is 84 years of age and from Goteburg, Sweden. He speaks both English and Spanish. Then our next greeter ... read more
Our Swedish greeter
This wall and plaque had an oriental feeling
Our canine greeter

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra » Baiona September 20th 2016

20 September 2016, Tuesday, day 22, Oia to Baiona. Parador Baiona. 12.03 miles The Hotel A Raina was managed by a deaf couple. The mother of the son helped as well. The hotel was lovely, simple, clean and the service very good; there was nothing more that we wanted or needed. So disappointed I did not get a picture of them all. So wonderful to see people who are doing so well in spite of their particular handicap. Today we re-learned how to sign good morning. Baby Signing Time does help the old as well as the young. Just google it. It is the sun rising. Breakfast began at 7 :00 but sunrise is not until after 8:30 so we met at 7:30 for breakfast. The mother had fresh tomatoes from her garden. A treat served ... read more
Walking west with sun rising in the east at 0840
Corn stalks stacked in a bundle
Karen meets the handsomely dressed scarecrow

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra August 9th 2014

Un hombre de ojos azules avanza lentamente bajo el sol gallego, habla inglés y es huésped de El mirlo blanco. Este nombre de casa rural, que suena a película de cine negro, se descubre como un edificio acogedor, con paredes recubiertas de azulejos, enclavado en las inmediaciones de Catoira. El hombre de ojos azules se sienta en el patio, donde se reúnen a su antojo, grupos de flores blancas y rosáceas. En su entrevista, url= periodista de La Voz de Galicia, descubrirá la razón por la que Jimmy Moncrieff, no ha tenido reparos en dejar por unos días, su casa, situada en alguna ciudad de las Islas Shetland, cuyo nombre no ha trascendido. Ava... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra August 9th 2014

A man with blue eyes walks under the Galician sun, his mother tongue is English, and he looks happy to be at El Mirlo Blanco. This cottage, which name sounds like taken from a “noir film”, seems to be a cozy building with tiles covering some of its walls, style of the region, located in the vicinity of Catoira. The blue-eyed man is now sitting on the patio, where reign the pink and white flowers and the sing of the birds. As he speaks, a journalist from url= Voz de Galicia, discovers why Jimmy has no qualms about leaving for a few days, his house, placed in a city in the Shetland Islands, whose name has not been revealed. The interview begi... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra August 2nd 2013

Tuesday 30th July - Relaxing Had a great day relaxing around the pool. Those who wanted to swim swam, those who wanted to read read. Those who went Pink went Pink! In fact most of us went a little Pink - and we had run out of after Sun so that will be on the shopping list for tomorrow! A great day in the Sun with the temparature hovering around the high 20 C's. We decided to eat out tonight and on the way back via Curtis I spotted this very nice restaurant (Parillada A Meson) on the road into Arzua so we took a short drive out too it. It looked closed i.e. there was no-one there at all - but it wasn't so went in. Inside it was very nicely decorated and a nice ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra » Baiona April 28th 2013

I mentioned last time out about the food culture when it comes to socialising in Spain. Nowhere is this reflected better and more obviously than in the festivals that crop up in the small towns and villages around the place. In Britain, a street party of almost any description will be pretty much entirely about alcohol, here with just about the same percentages, it’s about food. And so it was proved in Baiona, a small town 14 kilometres south of Vigo, which was the first landing place of the members of Columbus’s crew who were sent back to announce the discovery of the new world in 1493 and as such it’s perhaps unsurprising that the festival of choice in Baiona on the first weekend of March is Medieval themed, giving an insight into the brighter parts ... read more
An eagle (I think)
An owl doing his best Sybil Fawlty impression
A vulture

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra November 12th 2010

León to Tui - 2nd November to the 12th November On waking up in León to beautiful sunshine, it was time for the first run of the trip. That way I got to have a look around the old Royal City and maybe shake off a beer or two which have been consumed to date. The run along the river didnt unearth too much, and the city appeared quite unremarkable. However a quick detour uncovered a lovely hotel, of which pictures are attached. The hotel was the old monastery founded around the 16th Century. I always thought monks were not allowed to own too much, clearly the church can own as lavish a building as it likes! Its a rather impressive example of Spanish Renaissance style (thats what the book says anyway). I did accidentally wander ... read more
Gaudi's Cathedral in Astagora
Gaudi's Palace in Astagora
Las Médulas #3

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