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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo November 18th 2018

Hola Chico’s! I am back on another adventure and will be writing some more blogs and pictures, a bit lengthy for some of you lol but good for my memories! Those who love the pictures, some get auto set with the text but more at bottom plus a second page and always best viewed on a bigger screen! :o) I returned from my 8-month Central American travels at the end of May 2018. Spent some time with family and friends, doing odd jobs at some, deciding the next thing to do whilst enjoying the amazing UK summer. Also managed to walk along Hadrian’s wall from Newcastle to Carlisle, 84 miles over 6 days with a friend. I had considered going back to Nicaragua but with the troubles when I left I thought best to wait until ... read more
Spot Murb
Pond reflection
Ferry to Bilbao

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » Palas de Rei October 20th 2018

There needs to be ‘Active Wear’ police on the Camino. A total ban on women or men over 50 wearing active wear, no exceptions or exemptions. Since Sarria, it has become evident to me that many people, let’s call them women, don’t require the usual cumbersome trekking clothes that come with lugging a pack across the country, and step out dressed for a stroll to buy a coffee on Sunday morning. We all reach an age where gravity and the viscosity of our muscles should dictate how we dress in public. I’m all for freedom, but it takes a long time to pass someone on a path, and active wear , in middle age, displays the entire body as active. In fact, some of it remains active after the person has stopped moving. I don’t need ... read more
Dawn Looking Back Towards Gonzar
The Reward At The Top Of The Hill
Castromayor, The Iron Age Village

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » Palas de Rei October 19th 2018

Bedtime was 7.45 last night. I had all the symptoms of a virus brewing and wanted to give myself the best chance to avoid it. I woke in the morning very dry, and feeling a little worse. Ah well, some more drugs and away we go. It was a long, at times steep, climb out of Vilei, but we made good time and settled in at Morgade for a coffee at 9am. 7.8kms. I changed my saturated shirts, and felt much fresher before continuing to Portomarín. I hadn’t realised how wet they become and am convinced that this is a major factor in my current state of health. I met up with a Korean girl I hadn’t seen since walking into Burgos, and had a chat about her journey, and the inevitable problems that arise on ... read more
Sunrise From Casal
A Welcome Return To Clear Skies
Lovely, Soft, Quiet Scenery As I Walked Today

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » Palas de Rei October 18th 2018

“Now is not a good time to talk, thanks for calling.” Origin Energy rang me from an Indian call centre last night, and this is my standard polite response. However, it was 2.39am, so I was a little more to the point. I think I heard, “Have a nice holiday.”, as I ended the call. I ate breakfast in the hotel bar, and had to compete with 13 Spanish cyclists for the attention of the only person serving. I ordered coffee with milk, and toast with jam. I received the coffee, and toast with jamon, spanish ham . It was salty and crunchy, just like my Spanish. I met up with Dave, Darcy, and Janet at the same bar as yesterday, and left Samos in the dark, at 8am. I walked a little ahead, but whenever ... read more
A Hamlet AFew Kilometres From Samos
Quiet Country Lanes

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » O'Cebreiro October 17th 2018

Today has had a surprise ending. I’m in Samos, comfortably held up in a hostel, after walking 31.8 kms. This begun last night. I was having dinner with a couple of friends who said they were going to Samos instead of stopping at the traditional stage end, Triacastela. I considered it, put it into the maybe box, and then went back to the Albergue. That’s when decisions were made. On and off for weeks, I’ve encountered a NZ woman. She seems a little unusual and is either up, or has a problem of some sort. She often asks me where I’m staying, and then appears there the next day. There’s nothing untoward here; she’s just asking someone who has done it before. Last night, my dinner companions wanted to leave a window open to let in ... read more
Cattle In Liñares
The Pilgrim Monument At Dawn
A Bit Of Sunrise

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo » O'Cebreiro October 16th 2018

I took 2 steps out of the Albergue this morning and turned around and took 6 steps back in. It was freezing outside. It’s the first time that I’ve worn my warm top in the morning. I passed a German couple going the other way who had missed the turn off for the alternative mountain route. The fog was hovering at about 50 metres so I’m not sure what you would see from the peak. I continued out of town on my own, accompanied by the occasional hooting of owls, dogs barking, roosters notifying the world that it was a new day, and an eerie, high pitched howling that encouraged me to keep moving. Most of the day was a competition between the sounds of the rushing Rio Valcarse , and the highway overhead. The traffic ... read more
Early Morning Walking
Pereje, a Nothing Sort Of Hamlet
Pereje CBD

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo June 4th 2017

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo June 3rd 2017

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo June 3rd 2017

The last day has arrived. The run into Santiago and the finish line is here. I have mixed emotions about how to finish, go slow and enjoy the last day or speed walk the Camino and have more time in Santiago. Either way I am going to start at first light, not waiting for the "free" breakfast of stale toast, tea or coffee and sometimes cheese and ham. I am on the road walking at 6:15 am, still a bit dark, but I know it's on pavement, don't need much light. I thought an early start would help hold the crowd down. Wishful thinking on my part. The weather is thick cloud cover, light wind and in the high 50's. Nice for walking fast if I choose to. I am also using poles today, which have ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo June 2nd 2017

I am very happy to have been staying in the same location for 3 days. The location is great, the Hotel is exceptional and the husband wife team is terrific. He cooks every night and she is hostess. In addition mama is the taxi driver and delivers you to and from the Camino, it has been a real pleasure to stay here and get to know these people, would love to return. Yesterday I walked further than Miraz to cross the mountain in cool dry weather, good thing. Today starts with dense fog, and cool temps, not much to see, but I can tell the fog will lift soon. The trail is very comfortable, good walking surface transitioning from forest paths to single land roadways. Being in a forest of eucalyptus trees is quite surreal. The ... read more

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