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June 2nd 2017
Published: June 2nd 2017
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Aruza is a busy town with more Pilgrims than I have seen since in the entire previous 34 days combined. My hotel has the best Restaurant in town, and opens at 7:30pm, by 7:35 there was a line out the door. In the past 34 days I have never had more than 8 people in the same room as myself for dinner. At many of the hotels I have stayed in, I was the only guest. This is a shock to me. I had no clue what a change this would be.

In the morning I am awake at 6AM and CAREFULLY examine the Camino route today. I will not make the same mistake again! I have the first hot spots on my feet since the Camino began, want to be sure I stay on the trail today. I walk out of my hotel find the start of the Camino and am dumbfounded! At least 100 people are in my line of sight and that many behind me. Holy crap! I had no idea that there would be this number of people walking. For 34 days 6-7 hours a day on the Camino Norte, NO ONE in sight! The sheer number is staggering, there will be no getting lost today! The Camino trail has nice walking conditions except for the number of people. Everything has changed, the number of people, size of the packs, clothing, number of places to get food or water or even places to get passport stamps. For me the Camino has changed so dramatically I am shocked and saddened. All beautiful the Camino monuments have graffiti on them, the brass milage plaques have been removed, trash everywhere, mountain bikes roaring past walkers on the Camino, Pilgrims drinking alcohol at 9am, loud talking, it's such a change. Gone are the silent, unpopulated trails of the Camino del Norte. As the day wears on the line of people diminishes to fewer numbers, the trail is off the road and the weather is much cooler, I am trying to find good in the last miles to Santiago. It has been a wonderful experience, I would not change a thing. I will try hard tomorrow to find joy in every step, spread good will and kind thoughts as I go on to Santiago. Who knows I may be able to find an opportunity to offer a random act of kindness, I will try.


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