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October 29th 2016
Published: October 29th 2016
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I had a terrible sleep last night. Nightclub Titanic across the road was full bore until 5am in the morning, with yelling and fights outside. Combine that with John's midnight return with 15 minutes of organising himself and it was never going to be restful.

We met Ken at 7am at a cafe for breakfast ( where the Titanic crew had congregated), and were on the road by 7.30. We walked on roads uphill for about 30 minutes before entering natural tracks and cool, moist smelling forests of eucalyptus trees and ferns. The paths were good but it was a long climb out of Finisterre before it levelled out to undulating paths.

At one stage I was walking along a potpourri of pines on one side and eucalyptus on the other, with the ferny undergrowth cooling the morning down. I walked ahead as, even though I really wanted to walk with the others, I found my natural pace was better for me physically ; sorry guys, I know we had a deal. But we were all together in the end and that's what matters.

I didn't see anyone going our way but quite a few people doing the reverse route and heading to Finisterre crossed my path, and most were people I had seen before. Sometimes I'd stop and chat for a while or just greet them and keep moving.

The first sight of the sea is great and this occurred at the half way mark near Lires. The paths up until then had been mainly natural and easy underfoot, but after Lires you were often on roads dealing with hills and you really just want to be there after so long. There is a long drop into Muxia which was not to bad and a few kilometres along the flat main road leading into town which was not so good.

The first impression of Muxia is not good, with very average looking buildings lining the road until you enter the town proper and move down to the shoreline . It is quite beautiful there and, after a shower ( which I had trouble leaving it was so envigorating), we had something to eat, collected our certificates, and walked out to the Point to look around and wait for sunset.

There seems to be an inclination on the part of Spanish tourists to place themselves
in the most dangerous locations on rocks and near the sea, for carefully orchestrated photo shoots; Loco!

Well, we've had dinner and I'm sitting in the Albergue kitchen as it seems to be the WiFi hot spot but I might sign off as there's a 7.30 bus to catch in the morning and that can't be missed. It will feel strange going fast after so long but I haven't spoken to one person who is not looking forward to it with excitment.

Tomorrow it's a single room for 4 night and that is pretty good too. Adios.

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Forest PathsForest Paths
Forest Paths

Mainly gum trees.

Traffic Jam AheadTraffic Jam Ahead
Traffic Jam Ahead

Roaming goats.

Pak, Mrs Pak, and MePak, Mrs Pak, and Me
Pak, Mrs Pak, and Me

We met waiting for the train to SJPP, and here we are at the end in the same Albergue in Muxia
Camino MuxiaCamino Muxia
Camino Muxia

That's it !

29th October 2016

You've been a masterful guide Steve, thanks for leading my husband on the way. What a great adventure, thanks for sharing it!

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