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Europe » Spain » Extremadura October 8th 2018

We wake up to yet another hot hot day with little promise of shade. We hadnt expected this level of heat in October and were not prepared for it. My vertigo persists and I wish it on someone else so that I can get back to normal. Wobbling about is not my style. We left our camping spot and hit the road. Our destination the city of Badajoz. Of course it has walls around it so we are ticking the walls box again. Parking in Badajoz was a doddle. Glenn had again done his homework and managed to find a good camperstop, If you wanted you could stay over night for free. It had waste dumping costing nothing and free potable water. Close to the river it was within walking distance of the city. The area ... read more
Some roundabout art
Over the bridge
The town hall in Badajoz

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres October 7th 2018

Well we have done it again. Gabby is sitting high above a Spanish plain in Extemadura near to Caceres. . Its early in the morning and the sun is beating down. The town of around 2000 inhabitants have welcomed us with open arms by providing a large parking area just beneath the town walls. The locals clearly love their town as everywhere is clean. No sign of empty plastic bottles everywhere and bins overflowing. A local is watering the trees planted along the roadside before moving on to the baskets of flowers and finally dowsing the street to cool everything down. A bit of a labour in vain as the temperature is so hot the water quickly dries out and not a puddle remains. Its too hot for us and we plan a quick whistle stop ... read more
Yet another gateway of the King
Where in the world is Gabby?

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Plasencia October 7th 2018

Today was going to be Placencia day. Well that was the plan. Glenn had worked hard sourcing a parking spot using a mixture of Camper Contact, other peoples blogs and Google Earth. It could end up though a bit hit and miss. The heat is wearing us both out and we are finding it hard work to think what to do next. We have never had a holiday in the motorhome that has been quite like this one. Now the question you are requiring an answer to is did we get one? A parking space that is. So where in the world are we and our trusty companion Gabby? Somewhere down a back street near the cathedral in Plasencia. Squeezed in between two council owned Jeeps and in front of a garage door which hopefully the ... read more
Plasencia walls
on the cathedral walls another grotesque
Gateway into the city

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres December 11th 2017

11 décembre 2017 : Nous quittons Ciudad Rodrigo à 9H00et arrivons à Jarandilla de le Vera à 12H30. Nous nous installons dans l'hôtel (parador) et visitons la ville et le château. Le repas est de 14H45 à 16H15... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Guadalupe December 9th 2017

09 décembre 2017 : Nous partons de bonne heure pour aller chez Salvador à Pego. C'est Salvador qui va nous transporter pendant les visites des paradores. Nous quittons Pego à 8H30 et arrivons à l'hôtel Cereza de Guadalupe à 15H00. Nous commençons par visiter la basilique et le monastère... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Plasencia August 5th 2017

After admiring the thick walls of Alvira we continued across Spain towards Zaragosa and Figueres that is close to the Spanish French border.It started of not that good for the GPS sent us over a very small mountain road again it looked we were the only people in the world. It connected later to what they call here motorway not a toll road. A beautiful road that took us no time to where we would stay for the night. One thing wrong it was not the place. Liz went out asking and found out it is another 25 k.m. further. We were looking for a roadhouse that also was a motel. It was called K333. Indeed it existed. It was a sort of motel very shabby looking. and it had a roadhouse with it. A big ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura May 30th 2017

A late start today as I was up for a couple of hours during the night, feeling unwell. We headed into Trujillo, with the temperature climbing to 27.5 and nearing midday........mad dogs and Welshmen have something in common with the English!!!! Found a car park and set off. The old town is on a hillside, as they all tend to be, but we kept to the shade along the narrow streets, climbing upwards, until we came to a large Plaza......wait for it.....Mayor.....not very imaginative , the Spanish,when it came to names, but then, centuries ago, they probably didn't know that about 50 kilometres away, there was another old town, with a Plaza Mayor!!! 😊 Surrounding the square were a few of the usual restaurant/bars but also, on almost every available tower, chimney or corner of a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 29th 2017

Great short journey today, 130 miles, through a wonderful mountain range where heavy clouds were draped over the highest peaks and we saw glimpses of snow....the temperature did drop to 13 degrees, but as we neared Caceres it climbed to 25. We pitched camp, so easy as we have a good size pitch with our own stone built cubicle with toilet, wash basin and shower-every pitch has one!!! Also water and electric and this is a municipal site. Quick lunch and in to Caceres old town. There have been many films made in and around the old town, the latest being an episode or two from the new series of Game of Thrones, on our tv's in July!! Really the film crews wouldn't have had to alter very much at all as many of the churches, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura September 28th 2016

Geo: 38.9162, -6.34563We continue to lament not spending more time in Portugal, but assuaged our grief with more Roman Architecture. Tad warm today, unlike the 70's in Lisbon, we were about 90 today. Yet with low humidity it was tolerable (barely). We walked a great deal, but few steps (great). We depart for Toledo in the am.We understand people are unable to make posts. We have no clue, but should anyone figure our the problem, please let us know.... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura June 16th 2016

Als wir unserem Lehrer Pedro erzählten, dass wir nach Cadiz fahren wollen, sagte er uns, dass wir mindestens eine Woche brauchen werden und gab uns gleich eine Liste mit besuchenswerten Orten mit. Jetzt sind wir in Sevilla und fahren am Samstag nach Cadiz. Es wären dann zwei Wochen. Von Salamanca aus fuhren wir erst nach Alba de Tormes, Geburtsort des Herzogs von Alba, in den Niederlanden wegen seiner Rolle im 80-jährigen Krieg auch der „Eiserne Herzog“ genannt. In diesem Ort ist die heilige Teresa von Ávila beigesetzt. In Trujillo steht auf der Plaza Mayor ein Reiterstandbild des dort geborenen Pizarro, dem „Eroberer“ von Peru. (Auf unserer Herfahrt begegneten wir noch El Cid, geboren in Burgos, wo auch Franco Spuren hinterlassen hat).Fürwahr nicht nur ehrenhafte Herrschaften! Sowohl Trujillo als auch Cáceres, unser nächster Ort, haben noch bestens ... read more
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