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Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres October 7th 2018

Well we have done it again. Gabby is sitting high above a Spanish plain in Extemadura near to Caceres. . Its early in the morning and the sun is beating down. The town of around 2000 inhabitants have welcomed us with open arms by providing a large parking area just beneath the town walls. The locals clearly love their town as everywhere is clean. No sign of empty plastic bottles everywhere and bins overflowing. A local is watering the trees planted along the roadside before moving on to the baskets of flowers and finally dowsing the street to cool everything down. A bit of a labour in vain as the temperature is so hot the water quickly dries out and not a puddle remains. Its too hot for us and we plan a quick whistle stop ... read more
Yet another gateway of the King
Where in the world is Gabby?

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 29th 2017

Great short journey today, 130 miles, through a wonderful mountain range where heavy clouds were draped over the highest peaks and we saw glimpses of snow....the temperature did drop to 13 degrees, but as we neared Caceres it climbed to 25. We pitched camp, so easy as we have a good size pitch with our own stone built cubicle with toilet, wash basin and shower-every pitch has one!!! Also water and electric and this is a municipal site. Quick lunch and in to Caceres old town. There have been many films made in and around the old town, the latest being an episode or two from the new series of Game of Thrones, on our tv's in July!! Really the film crews wouldn't have had to alter very much at all as many of the churches, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 3rd 2016

Installés dans un camping très confortable, nous décidons de rester ici deux nuits car un bus nous facilite la vie en nous menant en ville... Quand je parle d'un camping sympa c'est aussi parce que c'est du jamais vu pour nous dans tous les campings que nous connaissons... Chaque parcelle possède son petit coin privé pour un brin de toilette ! : lavabo, douche et toilette... un tuyau d'arrosage particulier à la parcelle également, ce qui nous a permis de faire un petit shampoing à Pollux... Nous avons donc bien travaillé ce mercredi, puisque visite de la ville de Caceres, déjeuner typique du pays vers 14h et retour au camping pour ce grand nettoyage... Pour apprendre plus sur la ville, visitez ce lien : Au petit matin de la deuxième nuit, je piège u... read more
un moyen âge bien moderne
les personnages de Don Quichote pour instruire les enfants et les touristes

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 1st 2016

Prochaine étape, le retour en Espagne... Nous ne nous arrêterons pas à Marvão car cela semble assez haut et nous nous méfions des petites rues où il semble facile de rentrer... mais pour en sortir c'est parfois une drôle d'histoire !!! Par contre notre route nous réserve des tas de petites surprises, surtout du côté des cigognes... Nous en avons déjà vues beaucoup tout au long de notre route, mais ici, c'est le clou !!! Une véritable forêt de "cigogniers"... (nouveau mot inventé par bibi...). Malheureusement les petits sont sans doute encore trop petits pour qu'ils poussent leur bec dehors. J'en aurai vu un seul nid, mais trop tard que pour le photographier... N'imaginez donc pas que cette année nous aurons un nouveau bébé !!!! chaque chose à son temps ! mais si toutes ces cigognes ... read more
papa, maman et ???

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres September 23rd 2013

Cacares is beloved of the Brits who use it as a staging post to somewhere else whether that is overwintering in the Algarve or overwintering in the Costas. We had read much about it in Motorhome forums and thought that we would give it a go. It was time to switch the clock back to European Team as we re-entered Spain from Portugal. Our site for the night was to be Camping Caceres which is an affiliated site to our own Caravan Club which meant it would be full of Brits and would conform to British standards. This meant decent sized pitches and lots of facilities and it was an ACSI site so cost 16 euros per night. Reception friendly and efficient, a small supermarket with very little in it, a huge swimming pool, a bar ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres June 1st 2012

It was hairdryer hot. The temperature displays in Seville showed a giddying 41C and my bike thermo more or less agreed registering 40C. I opened my jacket but the effect of the hot air hitting my chest actually made me hotter, so I zipped it up again. It was overcast but the air temperature here was actually hotter than the Sahara, which was typically mid-thirties – the killer there being the effect of being in the sun which probably pushed the effective in-the-sun temperature north of 50C. Seville looked a pleasant enough city and there were some beautiful buildings around, but if it was this hot I doubted I would ever make a trip here. I reasoned that whoever programmed the navigation engine of the Garmin had to be female. The only thing predictable about it ... read more
Breakfast at the Parador

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres » Casar de Caceres May 20th 2012

BLOG 4 Tuesday 8 May – Halleluiah, we have sun!! We left you last time earlier today, in overcast skies, at a McDonalds in Caceres trying to Skype Tom (with no luck). Whilst one of us dealt with computer matters the other did a big shop at Carrfour (bless him!) We then drove for just under an hour, along a mostly motorway road with reasonable but very flat landscape to Trujillo. Once again you could see it in the distance – a magnificent walled castle town atop a big hill. This time it REALLY lived up to expectations – the best place we’ve been to so far.....AND by the time we got there the sun was well and Trujillo out – his vest and both coats were abandoned and having parked up near the town, we ... read more
2 Trujillo
3 Trujillo- Pizarro
4 Trujillo

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres » Casar de Caceres May 8th 2012

Wednesday 2 May – Last night we were freecamped by the river and Roman bridge at Alcantara. Today we drove back up into town for a look-see. Weather overcast and chilly – fairly interesting town, pretty much deserted. Had a coffee in the square and moved on. An hour or so’s drive to Valencia de Alcantara through varied countryside – flat & barren, green & rolling, hilly & rocky. We stopped half way on a farm track for lunch and a siesta and arrived In Valencia de Alcantara late afternoon – freecamping next to the bullring. Thursday 3 May – The town is very pleasant and busy. Groups of old men sitting in the square, women gossiping on street corners. Our Spanish successfully tracked down and purchased a Mother’s Day card for Oz before a walk ... read more
2 Raining again in Alcantara
3 Valencia de Alcantara
4 Valencia de Alcantara

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 16th 2011

For my last weekend in Spain, my Spanish friend Claudia invited me to her pueblo in Eljas. My first thought was “YES! I have achieved total integration! I have succeeded in befriending the locals!” Then my excitement quickly turned to nerves as I contemplated a weekend away where I would have to speak only Spanish. But that’s what I came to Spain for right? I ought to know enough by now! And as final exams were fast approaching, I decided to treat this opportunity as the last, real world test of how much Spanish I’d learned abroad. Chupao. (Piece of cake). We left Salamanca on Friday afternoon and headed towards a tiny village in rural Extremadura, a region close to Portugal. It was only a two hour drive by car, and Claudia and I talked about ... read more
View from the porch
natural pool
old tower

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres November 1st 2009

Just uploading a better map of Spain with the city of Caceres highlighted. More entries to come soon...... read more

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