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July 9th 2006
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Dropped by an internet cafe to download pics and keep up the travel blog but of course it ain´t that easy here in Europe. I´m in an internet cafe writing this but, any republicans cover your ears here, they have no way for me to hook up my laptop so I ducked underneath and simply grabbed their internet ether cable and jacked up my laptop and got on the net in a second. No firewalls, no problem. The other problem is I have no power because all the plugs are different and I didn´t bring our plastic adapter to the cafe. So, the update is, I will be returning in a while with the adaptor and I can then download pics and the journals for the last day and a new one for today. More to come!


10th July 2006

Cant Wait to rule the Tribe
So, with the King away, proving something to someone, the next in command is me, i guess. I am the King's younger brother, and I hope all is well. We here in the caravan are missing his leadership, but we wish him well in his dance with death. Remember, That which does not Kill you can still leave you horribly maimed, or make you stronger! Good luck with your stroll with the steaks, and don’t worry, Ill keep an eye on the Tribe while you are away.

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