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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 29th 2007

In short, we LOVE this town! Madrid rocks. There´s a drinking hole every 15 metres. An endless sea of outdoor terrazas crammed with people day and night. And by night, I mean ALL night. I now understand the point of their siestas. That time of the day - usually about 3 hours starting from midday through 2pm - where the shutters come down and all the workers go to sleep. Awesome! I love it. When I´m Prime Minister of Australia, I´m going to introduce it into legislation. Fleury and I have been a bit crook unfortunately. I came down with the goddamn flu first then passed it onto Fleur. I´m starting to feel better and Fleury´s probably a day behind. But we plug on being uber-tourists. The first night we arrived from London, we went out ... read more
Fleur and Laurenne in Covent Garden
Fleur and Cousin Phoebe
Fleur in a Jamon Deli

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 24th 2007

Siestas y Fiestas en Espana, translates to "Mid-afternoon naps and partying in Spain", which is basically what I have been doing for the past six days. Siesta occurred in Seville, although it wasn't me taking the siestas but the locals, and fiestas most definitely occurred in Mad Maaaad! Madrid. But firstly let's recall Seville. Seville, aka Sevilla, aka "The Frying Pan Of Europe", is hot in every sense of the word. Whoever gave the city the frying pan moniker was almost accurate, but I would liken the dry, scorching heat more to an oven rather than a frying pan. But "The Oven Of Europe"doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it? With temperatures during the day hovering around 40 degrees, it was definitely the hottest place I've been to after Zagreb. Seville is also ... read more
Drinks On The Roof
Avenida de la Constitucion
Cathedral In Seville

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 21st 2007

well its currently 6pm in Madrid and little chris arrived today, after much mucking about we finally met up. But back to Camdon markets for a wee bit: They were the most visually stimulating place to be, everywhere you looked there was something out of the norm, its set in the heart of old school punk rocker town, and the punk scene is still huge there, as is the gothic/vampire type look people had their everybrows shaved and tattooed in stead, and not just one or two every now & then, we are talking of hundreds of people who dress like this everyday. The markets would´ve of been 5 times the size of Paddy´s markets in sydney, stu & i were there for 6.5 hours and we still didn´t see everything!!! there was a huge section ... read more
From the botanic gardens
Cameron rowing

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 21st 2007

Madrid is awesome. I didn't plan on spending as much time here, because I figured it would be similar to LA. It is big city, but it's nothing like LA. Definitely its own animal! When they say that people go out late here they don't mention that the party doesn't start until 2 or 3 am and that includes entire families of children and grandparents. Wild. One of the best things I did here was go to an Arabic bath. I went to one in Granada as well. Highly recommend it. Was hoping that by the end of my trip I would have a lot of answers, but all I really have are great memories and no desire to return home (other than that I miss you). I think its going to be really difficult for ... read more
Joy Teatro
Atocha Station
Plaza de Oriente

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 19th 2007

Hi All, I am at the Madrid airport, waiting for my connection to Quito. Nothing much to tell, except that on the flight here, some french girl tried talking French to me. Why would someone on a flight from Israel to Spain speak French? I will write again from Quito. Erez.... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 15th 2007

hello, Yes, we are in Madrid, but going to have to make it quick on the interent though as I don´t have long left, and no doubt I´ll be seeing you soon! Am here with Becks and Simon, and it is lovely. I have bee to so many Spanish cities but this really is one of the most amazing! I have been indulging in muchas tapas, but hopefully losing weight, as its so hot I can only eat one meal a day, and I really need to lose some....Oz and Sa were not kind!! LOL! Anyway, Madrid is stunnig but there is not loads to do, either touristy museums or sit in cafes and watch the world go by. Admittedly we have done lots of both! Yesterday we went round the Royal Palace (memories of the ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 6th 2007

Since this travelblog's server crashed just before my trip I'm a little reluctant to keep a record of my trip on this site. Sorry to give everybody the runaround but i will be switching websites.... my new permanent web address for my trip will be: thanks everyone bye for now Jack... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 1st 2007

Travel Blog for August 1st: Today is our final day in Madrid with Deanna, Jesús, and the kids. Deanna drove us into Pozuelo (the suburb they live in) to get school shoes for the kids and haircuts for Lillie and me. Lots of hair dye in the shop, and lots of women having their hair dyed. All ages. I’ve never seen so many tubes of hair color in one spot. I suppose in U.S. salons the dye tubes are just kept out of sight. We went home and Lillie and I spent much of the time packing for train ride to Paris. We said goodbye to Deanna and the kids, and Chus drove us to Chamartin Station where we caught our train for Bilbao, and then transferred to the French train to Paris. The overnight train ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 31st 2007

Travel blog for July 31st: So I’m really writing this on August 3rd, but the blog site has been down for a couple days, so I’m going to try to post this as well as e-mail it if I can upload the videos properly. So, the 31st of July Deanna took Lillie and me into Madrid to view the Van Gogh exhibit, The Final Landscapes, at the Thyssen Museum. It was sad because you could see the disparities between the works and guess that whatever was bothering him or whatever affliction he was suffering from in his final days was coming through his painting loud and clear. Then we walked to Chueca to shop for shoes. Most of the shops had closed for the August holiday already or were closed for siesta. We found a cool ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 31st 2007

Madrid goes on and on and on etc... I have been to Madrid several times, parts of it hasn´t changed in years but there is a whole lot of it that is growing and changing all the time. They are adding neighborhoods the size of The Dalles but in 20 story apartment building, so it is much more compacted. Madrid is adding subway lines to reach these new "barrios", and it is already one of the largest subway systems in the world. In every city I visited there was new construction of houses, condos and apartments, Spains economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe. Tourist and people all over Madrid so I wasn´t very excited about standing in line for sites that I had already seen on previous trips, so I hopped on one ... read more

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