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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 16th 2007

On Saturday we flew to Madrid, the second greenest city in the world, to begin our Contiki tour. We arrived at about 4pm, checked into our hotel, and enjoyed the heat (about 30 degrees) until we met up with the group for the first time at 6pm that evening. The first part of the night involved doing administration things for the tour, but at about 8.30 we headed for our first dinner as a group. We quickly found out that a lot of the Spanish don't speak English, and are quite rude to those who don't speak Spanish! After dinner our guide led us into the city centre to a bar for our first night together. Our next stop was a seven storey nightclub, but after finding out the price of the entrance fee (20 euro's ... read more
Building opposite Royal Palace
Us in front of the Palace
Keyhole view to the outer city

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 15th 2007

ok so we have a lil hiccup, with the power pack on jos laptop and all my pics are on it so when i get the laptop back i´ll add le pics until then you can just read my never ending blog baaaaaaaahahahahahaha miss you too shan!! xoxoxoxox love you all !!!! xoxoxoxoxox... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 15th 2007

Still alive. My program has officially started now and so I´ve been doing a lot more than just walking around. There are just 6 of us in the one program (a few of the people aren´t coming, one had trouble with their visa *EMPATHY*, and the other got some strange disease on vacation in India and can´t leave the country, no joke) Anyways, it´s 5 girls and just one guy, who is being a good sport about that. We all got along immediately, most likely due to that jetlag culture shock bond we share. But they are all leaving at the end of the term. (wah waaaaah.) --that is not a whiny noise, it´s that ever so popular sucks to be you trumpet noise. Anyways, the first night we just had meeting after meeting about the ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 14th 2007

So we arrived yesterday around 14.30 and we were immediately greeted by our friends at the airport. We got our 1200€ and since my landlord wasn´t quite ready to meet us we went to a local hamburger bar. Afterward I experienced the ¨botellon¨ culture, which is basically where friends get together in the middle of streets or parking lots and park their cars and put on music and socialize. We did this in the parking lot of Universidad Complutense de Madrid which is the big campus in the city. In the lawn there is a current protest going on in regards to the cost of living in Madrid...students are demanding lower rates. So for the past 6 months a bunch of youth have had tents set up in the lawn of the campus and they just ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 13th 2007

We've been up nearly 33 hours without sleep and today was a lesson in how potentially disastrous a lack of sleep can be to a beginning journey. I thought there were going to be a few meltdowns. Between Amy having an upset stomach, a lack of sleep on both our parts and I guess what can best be described as a lack of mental preparedness for the language barrier, we were what is commonly referred to as 'frazzled' by people who don't approve of swearing in the States. Initially when we got into the airport and went in search of the information counter, we found it on the ground level but the guy was still in the process of opening. He was busy straightening items up around the kiosk, and while we were waiting for him ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 12th 2007

Calm down, I´m still alive. 24 hours of flying later, that is. Basically every single one of my flights was late, and I think that pretty much anyone who´s seen me in England at this point thinks I´m just some hobo that likes to sleep in their airports for hours on end. Anyways. I got here at about 1 in the morning finally on the 13th, and the poor lady from my program was still waiting for me. We took a taxi to the hostel and I passed out pretty immediately. So my first official day in Madrid started yesterday. I woke up and met the other groggy girls I was sharing a room with: two college graduates from California, an Italian Opera singer, and a pair of sisters from Mexico. The Mexican girls left already, ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 7th 2007

Hola a todo el mundo, estamos a 3 dias de comenzar nuestro viajecito y simplemente queriamos colgar unas fotitos de la boda de mi hermana. Nos vemos pronto. Hi everybody, just an update with some photos of my sister´s wedding. See you soon.... read more
All the family
Maria and Stefannie
Mie hermana y yo

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 4th 2007

Hola a todos, estamos a 7 dias de comenzar nuestro viajecillo por el mundo, (para quien no lo sepa vamos a estar viajando durante el proximo año por el continente americano, luego por nueva zelanda, australia y por ultimo el sudeste asiatico). Aterrizaremos en Lima el proximo 10 de Septiembre y de ahi iremos hacia Bolivia donde vamos a estar en un proyecto de cooperacion durante unas 6 semanitas. Intentaremos poner al dia el blog con alguna foto y comentarios por lo menos una vez a la semana o cada 2 semanas. Hi everybody, in a weeks time we are starting our trip around the world. We are heading towards Lima, Peru first and then we´ll spend 6 weeks working as volunteers in a project in Bolivia. We´ll try to update our blog every so ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 2nd 2007

Ok ok i know i have been very lazy with writting and keeping everyone updated but can you blame me? I have just spent the last 2 weeks on contiki tour, but before that I was Island hopping around Greece and Croatcia!!! See its not my fault. Well where should i start? I finally have meet up with Bridget in London and we meet Rebecca in Croatcia. Spent almost everyday on the beach, trying not to step on sea creatures. Then slept on ferry floors for about 40hours untill we partied in Greece for about two weeks. Bec had a little fall while dancing in the toilets so 1 night was spent at the Doctors, then the next night lost her camera and Bridget fell down the stairs. But we made it a good time as ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 30th 2007

Aug. 31st 1:30am (Spain time) My roommate Mike and I are hanging out in our hotel in Madrid right now, up for a while before we go back to sleep. Because of the time difference we’ve been pretty tired lately and so after getting a little bit lost around the city earlier and walking quite a bit, we came back at 7pm and ended up “taking a nap” for 5 hours. At midnight we got up and explored around a little bit looking for a place to eat. Now we are back and will probably head to bed here pretty soon because we have to meet up with our group at 9am ready to leave for Toledo. There are over 100 kids here at the hotel, some going to Salamanca and Bilbao, but most (about 75) ... read more
Me at El Palacio Real
Garden overlook
Madrid Archway

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