Day 3: Shoes and sweets make me happy

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September 12th 2017
Published: September 12th 2017
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We started the day at home and went to a market called Mercado de San Miguel. It had a lot of different food. I chose two salami and tomato baguettes and a cone of real potato chips.

We walked to a park and on the way Daddy and I went on a two story carousel. We went on a carriage that rocked side to side. The park had paddle boats, it was called Parque del Buen Retiro. I read a book called the Land of Stories (thanks William) on a picnic rug next to the lake on a grassy hill. Because you only had 45 minutes on the boat, Zoe and I swapped places. I saw dead fish in the lake and real fish and a turtle. Daddy let me row and I was really good at it but it was really hard.

After that we walked through a garden and Dad got me a Spanish cola Calipo. We saw Mum, Zoe and Franziska reading at the steps and went around the other side to scare them. Mum said a bad swear word and almost had a heart attack.

We went back to the market and I had calamari and chicken kebabs, it was really hot. We came back home and Mum told us we had to have a rest but instead we watched our IPads but we were relaxing so it was ok. When Mummy came home she said that there was a really good candy store, so Zoe walked down there. Then I walked down there and it really was an extraordinary candy shop. As we were walking home we found a shoe shop, it was amazing, I got a new pair of shoes. The shoe shop was called lobo which means wolf. The shoes come in different colors and shapes. They are all made in Spain from Spanish leather and canvas. The pair I chose were hot pink, Tanna you would love them. I feel very stylish wearing them.

We are about to go out for dinner, it is 8pm. I am wearing my new shoes.

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14th September 2017

Swear words and Shoes
Awesome. Loving it Bella and Zoe. Mum should owe you guys some money for swear words... even extra for bad ones 😜
14th September 2017

......make me very happy too 😀.....and what other colour could you possibly have chosen other than "hot pink" ....what a fashion statement Bella & you wear them soooo Well 😀

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