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September 11th 2017
Published: September 11th 2017
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By Zoe

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the heart of Madrid? Well if you haven't it will be your next dream after reading this.

When I woke up I had a shower. While I was in the shower my dad (Dean) popped up to the shops to get breakfast. After breakfast we went to the market. It has lots of things to choose from. There was seafood, a butcher, a bakery, a cafe a pub and many more. All in one big shop.

Then we walked down to the Madrid Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour. It took us to the art gallery, Reina Sofia. We saw lots of painting, some were very famous and others were not. The famous paintings included lots of Picasso like The Woman Dressed in Blue, Guernica and many more. We also saw Salvador Dali, this included Pierrot Playing the Guitar and Endless Enigma.

After that we went out got lunch by this time it was 1:30 so we were not that hungry but we still ate. After that Kym and Franziska went to another art gallery and Bella, Dean and I went to look at The Royal Botanical Gardens, it was beautiful, but so hot. 28° to be precise.

Then we remembered that yesterday we saw a Aperol Spritz bar. It was very cool because it was a mini bar in the middle of a park and next to the bar was 5 tiny pools. When you ordered drinks they would deliver it to the pool. You would only sit on the side of the pool not in the middle (because no one would have bathers on). The pool was up to Bella's waist and when dad and I were in the pool Bella came to sit with us. We did not know how deep the pool was so Franziska stood up to show us. Five minutes later Bella wanted to show dad and I how deep the pool was and she fell in accidentally. I laughed so much I started to cry, it was very funny. It dried fast though.

After that we walked home. I will not describe dinner because we have not had it yet.

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14th September 2017

Dreaming of Madrid
.....and reliving fond memories from a visit there 8 years ago with the help of your "descriptive powers"....keep enjoying "paradise" 😚

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