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Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla April 22nd 2019

Melilla is a little part of Spain on the North African coast. It has been famous for all the wrong reasons recently as its border has been swamped with migrants trying to reach the EU, and the solution seems to be a higher and stronger wall! With our privileged pink passports crossing over was no problem at all though. A short €6 grand taxi took us from Nador to the checkpoint and before we knew it we were walking along the narrow blue caged alleyways towards the Spanish border guards who were unusually jovial. Perhaps it was because it was a public holiday (Good Friday) and there were no crowds for them to police. Sundays and holidays seem good options to make these crossings stress-free! We opted to stay in the Hotel Anfora. It suited our ... read more

Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla September 23rd 2012

(N) "Is the age of European imperialism in Africa dead? Almost, but not quite. Melilla, a Spanish territory nestling uneasily along the Moroccan Mediterranean coast, is one of the last two European territories on the African continent. Home to some 70,000 people of Spanish, Arab and Berber descent, it is a thriving port city marked by beautiful Spanish modernist architecture. Seized in the late fifteenth century, it served for centuries as a heavily-defended garrison town. In some ways its functions remains unchanged today. Although the medieval castle is now a tourist attraction, the territory is ringed by a forbidding EU-security fence whose function is to keep undocumented migrants from North and West Africa out of the EU." Thus writes my friend Nick Megoran, a keen geographer, who invited some friends to help celebrate his 40th birthday ... read more
Malaga Cathedral
Malaga Castle
View over Malaga

Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla March 16th 2009

Fulfilling a long term ambition and dragging Annie along, We travelled to Melilla , a tiny castle enclave of Spain (still) from the 1500,s in the far East of Morocco. To get to this rarely visited city state we had to fly from Tunis to Barcelona where we slept in the airport with about 100 others and caught the early flight to Malaga and then an 8 hour ferry back to Melilla on the North African coast. It was worth it however because not only is it very interesting and historic, with a beautiful castle , it is very different from Ceuta, the main Spanish enclave and usual route to Africa. Melilla will be our only luxury for a while and we reversed our route to Malaga and travelled down the coast to La Linea de ... read more
Melilla Castille
Melilla Park

Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla March 9th 2009

I took the boat over from Malaga to Melilla, one of the two Spanish enclaves that remain in Morocco. Boat was big empty and had a bar. I slept all the way to the other side, only to be woken by a custom officer to kick me off. Hassle free arrival and checked in in one of the hotels. Melilla is a kind of a strange place as it has all very rich Spanish people living there, who still adore Franco and a large number of poor Moroccons. The place defenitely has a Spanish atmosphere, tapas bars, wines, the language end feels very colonial, with it's big fort looming over th coast. Anyway stayed only one night, although it was nearly the end of my trip.... As I reached for my toothbrush from the shower on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla January 23rd 2007

23 januari ’07 Ik wordt wakker met iets wat belooft een flinke kater te worden, wijn na bier geeft plezier zeggen ze maar niet voor mij de volgende dag. Ik ben blij dat ik gisteren mijn spullen heb gepakt en na een koude douche en een ontbijtje in het hotel, ga ik richting haven, vandaag ga ik richting Marokko of eigenlijk Melilla een Spaanse enclave in Marokko, ik heb al nagekeken op internet dat de boot om 14:00 vertrekt, om 11:30 koop ik een ticket en ben dus ruim op tijd, ik ga wat zitten lezen in het zonnetje tot het tijd is om te boorden. Het schip waarmee we varen is een half cruiseschip, compleet met ligbedden en een zwembad op het dek, ik kies toch maar een comfortabele stoel binnen uit en ga nog ... read more

Europe » Spain » Ceuta & Melilla » Melilla November 24th 2006

It's been a hectic few days. I'm on another of my whirlwind mad crazy trips, knocking out passport stamps by the dozen. Well, not quite a dozen, but will end up with 4 new ones. The main reason for this trip is to attend the OpenBSD hackathon in Coimbra, Portugal for 5 days. I've been working on the ACPI implementation for OpenBSD on and off for a year now; my friend Marco wanted me to go to the conference to meet some of the other openbsd geeks. Since I'd never been to Portugal before that was an easy answer. Since I was redeeming an award ticket, it gave me some extra flexibility in adding one or two other destinations. I've been attempting to get on the Traveler's Century Club list, they define a list of ~317 ... read more
Scenic shot
Melilla flag
Melilla balcony

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