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June 15th 2009
Published: June 15th 2009
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Bernie finally spoke to someone at the Commonwealth Bank this morning who could shed some light on why both our credit cards were refused when we tried to use them in Barcelona yesterday afternoon. For some reason it took three phone calls before someone could admit to us that the Commonwealth Bank’s computers were down for a day and a half playing havoc with customer’s credit card transactions the world over!! At least they haven’t cancelled or suspended our cards on us and, fortunately, we had enough Euros on us to pay cash.

Otherwise it was another lazy day today! This morning we lazed by the pool again with our books. At lunch time we decided to venture back to the Tapas Bar where we ate last Monday. During the week we have managed to translate most of the items on their menu so we thought we should go back and have another go at ordering some authentic tapas?! We managed OK and had some Albondingas (meat balls) and Patates Brava (deep fried potato cubes with spicy sauce).

After lunch we strolled back along the beach and then read our books for the rest of the afternoon. Kath and Albert have gone into Salou tonight to meet up with a friend so we have been catching up on the diary and watching CNN to keep up with world events. We even learned a moment ago that Kraft have just about finalized a new formulation for Vegemite that is somewhat creamier than the original recipe??! As a fan of Vegemite just as it is I am a bit unsure about a new, creamier version?? Since Bernie hates Vegemite he couldn’t care less what they do to it!


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