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March 6th 2016
Published: March 6th 2016
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Day # 6

Mark graciously took us out for drinks and dinner in Sitges Saturday night. It's only about 8 kilometers from where we are staying in Vilanova, but is was like driving from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills. Sitges is rich and the homes can be over the top. I've been in Sitges before, 2 years ago, but I didn't see that part of town.

We stayed up late Saturday and had a very peaceful and relaxed Sunday. Vilanova is quiet on Sunday and still has "blue laws" that don't allow many shops to open. Just like in the States, business is trying to change that. It's different in different parts of Spain too. I remember when I was younger, when I moved to Kansas City in 1978, Missouri had Sunday shopping restrictions, and of course now that has all changed. I wonder if it was the right move when I see graffiti with the golden arches and in small print underneath "capitalism kills."

We finally got out of the apartment at about 6:30 PM and walked down the the sea. There is a huge park and beautiful beach next to the marina full of ships and one MegaYacht that has to be 150 - 180 meters long. Mark says its owned by a Formula One racer. Biggest Yacht I've ever seen. Doubt we'll be invited aboard though...

Talked the Art and Pat after this afternoon. They were in "recovery" mode after a 7 hour cartrip to and from Spencer Iowa on Friday for my Aunt Bev's funeral.


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