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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona October 2nd 2017

As we headed out of Torrevieja, our next stop was Girona, Spain. Our plan was to drive about 6 hours, make a stop, do a little sightseeing and get up the next day and head out again. Our stops were to be Griona, Spain, then Bourges, France and then on into Calais (the departing port of the Chunnel). We arrived into Girona in the early afternoon. After settling into the hotel, we took a walk into town to see the wall around the city. These pictures were taken along the way and some from the top of the wall. It was a very nice afternoon. We were extremely tired when we arrived in Bourges. When we arrived, we needed to go into town to get ice and gas for the next day. That was quite an ... read more
our walk into town
our walk into town
our walk into town

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona October 20th 2015

Today we are off to Girona Spain. Girona, a city found in the northeastern part of Catalonia, Spain is known for its old town medieval architecture and Jewish ghetto. It was also used as a set location for the television show, Game of Thrones, season 6. When we first arrived in Girona, we were told to try the pastry xuixo, at a nearby pastry shop near the bus station. Xuixo, is viennoiserie pastry produced in Girona, Spain. It is a cylindrical pastry filled with crema catalana that is deep fried and covered with crystallized sugar. According to a legend, there was a young acrobat that fell in love with a pastry chef’s daughter. One day, while sneaking into the pastry shop to visit his beloved, the pastry chef appeared and he had to hide in a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona September 2nd 2012

Lou contemplates: In his book 'Homage to Barcelona', the author Colm Toibin gives a compelling recount of the siege on a number of buildings in the city during the Civil War. When we were walking in Barcelona near the Cathedral we came across a square where the massive blocks of ancient stone surrounding a doorway were pock marked with bullets and chunks of stone had been blown away. It was really energetically draining to just stand and observe the space- we had a deep sense that ‘shit had gone down’. Some spaces are really charged with their past. It seems that Spain is a country that contains many stories about the defense of space and identity across the ages. When we were on the train platform waiting to go to Girona we noticed the two differing ... read more
I'm just waitin' on a train (cue Lou Reed music)
Girona - old city
Stone art with red shoes

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona September 20th 2011

This past weekend I attended the IES study journey to Costa Brava. I really enjoyed this vacation because IES did a very good job of planning this trip. Costa Brava is the northern coastal region of Spain, located north of Barcelona. The cities we visited in Costa Brava were: Figueres, Cadaques, Girona, La Jonquera, and Collioure. I really enjoyed the weekend because the sites we visited were fascinating and rich with history. I also got to visit France for the first time when we went to Cadaques! The weekend started on Friday morning at 7:30 A.M. in Plaza Catalunya. All of us IES students met outside of the Hard Rock Cafe to board our buses for Costa Brava. As soon as I got settled in my seat I could tell that I would have a great ... read more
Catalonia Is Not Spain
Cadaques 1

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona July 4th 2011

Hello Readers! Welcome to Auguetta's blog, my blog!! I’ve decided to create a blog on the Travelblog website in order to share all my Chinese adventures. I want to speak my mind, to express my thoughts and daily life while away from home. I am not a writer, but a traveller, with lots of things to share. I love travelling; travelling is one of the best experiences ever. You get to know new people, new places. I had the chance to travel to different countries and now I feel I cannot stop. Every day I think about what my next destination would be. I am now currently located in Spain, but heading to China in a week. I am really interested in living in Asia, experience the culture, live a new adventure. I’ve once read, "Life ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona April 30th 2011

So headed up to Costa Brava for the weekend- was a 1 and a half hour drive – I taught the girls how to play pea knuckle wars- bad move. Felt like 1000 games later we arrived yay! Pals is a beautiful old historical town- the beach house was in a beautiful complex- typical Spanish houses all white and stone and concrete- it then had a really nice big pool to share with the other 10 houses in that part and another pool on the other side for the other 10. We decided to head to beach and took a picnic lunch- but was so windy and even cold! Felt very strange wearing jeans and jersey at the beach- although quite Spanish ☺ It is starting to get really hot so normally walking around Barcelona in ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona March 13th 2011

Alright, gotten a little bored with myself and my entries, so doing this in the perspective of my travel companion/mascot/pillow/stuffed dog, Ralph. Woof! Greetings, all. Ralph here. We took a train from Barcelona to Girona and gotten a hostel dorm with 5 beds to ourselves for the 3 days we were here! Being cheap, she's washed all her clothes in the sink and strewn them all over the room to dry, but didn't bother to wash my shirt which I have been wearing since our Romania trip! How rude! Well, from where we left off: Train to Girona where, for some asinine reason, a ridiculous amount of tourists were travelling with giant suitcases on wheels, and none of them knew (1) how to navigate and watch for others (2) how to walk faster than a crawling ... read more
Street in Girona
Passeig, Girona Streets
Esglecia Sant Feliu

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona January 16th 2011

My final day in Spain passed quietly. I was up early for another solitary breakfast, quietly staring out of the window at the people outside. I packed up my room and left my things in storage while I set off for a last walk around the city. It was a peaceful morning. Relatively few people were on the streets and I again took to exploring the narrow alleyways and stairways leading upwards until I reached my favourite place amongst the old city wall ruins. The sun was warm and birds chirped in the trees and as I entered the quiet place the chimes of bells rang clearly from the cathedral. I sat on the grassy hillock high above the city and enjoyed the solitude. It has been a funny time in Spain. For so long I ... read more
Eiffel's bridge
Colourful facades

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona January 14th 2011

I returned to Girona after a pleasant couple of days with my friends. I travelled to Barcelona on Tuesday after my morning's sightseeing, stalking along the streets my suitcase rumbling behind me. I successfully bought my ticket to Barcelona and hopped on the train. In Barcelona Sants I bought my ticket on to Sabadell, temporarily wedged myself in the turnstyle and managed to get onto the train without a minute to spare. Without a train map on me I spent the majority of the trip worrying that my Spanish had faded over the christmas break and I'd misunderstood instructions and got on the wrong train, but sure enough I arrived in Sabadell without any hiccups and emerged onto the dark street and plonked myself down on top of my suitcase to await my lift. I waited ... read more
Colourful facades
Cathedral tower
In Girona

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona » Girona January 11th 2011

Spain hates me. Really. Even my Spanish friends have now said in confusion, wow - Spain must really hate you. After my disaster in Balaguer I left Spain confident in the knowledge that I had a better job to go to in the new year. I was on a contract of 25 hours, 2 hours of which were paid planning time. I was going to have clases of both children and adults. I'd seen photos of well equipped school without the hated blackboards I'd been suffering in my pevious job. Even better, the job was in a nice looking town in Girona province and in easy travelling distance of my friends. Or so I thought. While enjoying my christmas holidays with my family I received a very unexpected email from the school saying basically that due ... read more
Steps in Girona
View of Church of Sant Feliu
Inside the Arab baths

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