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May 24th 2011
Published: May 30th 2011
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Ahhhh Barcelona. One of the great cities of the world. But before we get to what I did in this wonderful city we´ve got a fun journey to get here first.

I got up at 5 this morning (never fun) got to the bus station (luckily just across the road from the hostel) for about half 5. My coach was due to leave Marseille at 6 and get into Barcelona at 1. The coach didn´t arrive until half 6, left at 7. It then reached Barcelona at half 3. So after arriving two and a half horus late I decided that I would leave my bag at the station and go for a walk around the city because my host wasn´t due home until about 7. I decided that I would get my puch of electronics out of my main bag and carry it with me. You know, just in case I found a nice cafe that would allow me to charge my crap. I managed to leave the said pouch in the station and lose all my chargers, annoying!! I had to buy new chargers, totalled about 60 pounds all told. Not my finest moment. I realised that I had left the chargers behind just as I was about to turn into the centre of the city after walking from the station (I didn´t know any better, well actually I did, but I just completely failed to find the metro entrance in the main station. I was very tired at this point.) Anyway, I completely failed to see anything today really, as after I realised my error I turned around and walked back to the station. By this point it was half 6 so I thought that I may as well pick my bag up and walk to his flat. It was a very nice flat, it´s right in the centre. We went out for a meal of tapas at a restrurant just around the corner which was very nice.

I wasn´t staying in a hostel in Barcelona, I was staying with the father of a friend from back home. Albeit a friend who´s mum my family know more than I know the son as he is 5 years younger than me.

Tomorrow I will see some of the city, I´m looking forward to it


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