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April 10th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 10, 2009
Today was a rainy day…go figure. The 4 days we are in Barcelona, Spain, it is rainy and crappy outside. We wanted to go to the beach today and where our cute little dresses, but it was too cool outside. We will have to wear them in Athens...
We were out the door a little after 10:30; our goal was 10:30 but Geneva made us late. We got out and were going to go see Sagrada Familia and then go to the beach and then see Park Guell. Of course, we needed coffee first and found this little place that wasn’t a big chain. We get inside, sit down, and a little fight breaks out between the waitress and another waiter. We were looking at each other like…ummmm. They were yelling Spanish, and it was heated. When the waitress came over to our table, she was very irritated and scary. We ordered our cappuccinos and such and she basically threw them on the table at us. I had a dirty spoon, so I stole it because she made me angry. HA! It even says made in Spain.
We started off in the direction of Sagrada Familia. A lot of places were closed, which limited our time shopping in the little stores along the way. On the way, we came across the FAKE Arc de Triumph of Spain. We also found this beautiful park that we walked around in. Inside the park were some pretty statues and wonderful fountain where their were ducks swimming and baby chicks and parrots and love birds. WONDERFUL! Their was also a zoo at the end of the park, but it cost 16 Euro to get in…I wanted too, but couldn’t justify it. I am sick of big cities and ready for some animals and country!!! Hopefully when I get back!!!
It had been raining on and off all day, so were carefully timing when to venture back out from underneath the various overhangs we found. We decided to go see Sagrada Familia, which meant backtracking and walking further north after we already went way to far south. We had maps so knew where we were going. It took a while, but we found Sagrada Familia…at this time it was around 1:30. We were a little hungry and there was long line to get in, so Geneva and Sarah went to the McDonalds across the street and got us some little hamburgers while we waited in line. The line ended up going super fast, which was nice. It cost 9 Euro to get in, which ended up being pretty overpriced, but they are trying to finish the thing, so I guess they need the money. I also got to be in a church on Good Friday, which is something I really miss these days. Sydney did not go in because she didn’t want to spend the money. We told her we would meet her outside at 3 and of course she wasn’t there. We left without her and were going to go to the park ,but it was raining too hard at this point, so I spent 1.35 on a ticket to take the subway back to our hostel. I think tomorrow we might go to the park and the beach. We gotta leave early afternoon to catch our flight, so we won’t have that much time. Now, we are all back, Sydney found her way back and we’re all chilling. We all found the internet; I’m uploading pictures and typing this. Sydney will probably miss her flight to Italy to meet her friend because she left later than she probably should have. Tonight we are making dinner in the kitchen, which consist of noodles, sauce and some baguettes. It was totally random, but on the subway back to our hostel, we ran into Rike and Christine. They texted me that day and told me about the Pub Crawl they were going to do tonight. It was so weird seeing them on the train! I probably would have gone, but I started coughing today and I can’t leave Sarah alone with Geneva and I don’t think either of them want to go with. We also have a flight to catch tomorrow and I don’t want that to be painful. Hopefully I can catch up on some reading and labeling of pictures😊


23rd April 2009

When I was in Barcelona by myself before Katie got there, I found that park too! I know exactly what you're talking about! ;)

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