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April 7th 2009
Published: April 17th 2009
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April 7, 2009
Today was our arrival in Barcelona. We had a shuttle from our hostel to the airport at 6:45, so it was a pretty early morning. Our flight was at 9:25 and the shuttle wasn’t supposed to get to the airport until 8:30, so it was cutting it close. I was freaking out, but the shuttle got to the airport an hour early! YAY! Gave me time to get a cappuccino with Sarah, as usual😊
We had no problems at all and everything went very well, including our flight. It was so cool because the water we passed over, was SO blue you could see the bottom of the white sandy parts. It looked just like it does in pictures.
One thing that I find super odd about Rynair is the landing procedure.(Ryanair is one of the SUPER cheap ways to fly in Europe because it is actually a cargo plane). So, the pilots job is to fly the plane and land the plane, right? EVERY time I have been on a Ryannair flight, everyone applauds when the pilot lands, like it was something extraordinary. Very weird….
The weather was pretty crappy when we landed and it only got worse the longer we stayed there. It rained all night. The airport was super small, so we were able to find our new traveling buddy, Geneva right away. When we found her we went to get bus tickets for the hour and 15 min ride into Barcelona, because Girona is out in the middle of nowhere.
When we got into town we had to find the metro. It took a little bit, but we found it and then bought tickets. We found the right metro and headed out on that. When we got off we wandered around, I took out about 70 Euro and then found our hostel. It is SUPER nice! Geneva paid for most of the hostel because she just took out a lot of money.
It is off a little street where homeless people sleep outside of it. We get free internet, free breakfast and free lockers. Everyone gets there own keycard that opens the sliding doors to the hostel, our dorm door and a huge locker for all our stuff. We are in a room for 12…so there are people there that we don’t know so the lockers are awesome. We also have our own bathroom with a shower that doesn’t work at all, but the toilet does. We pretty much dropped our things off and went to the supermarket that is super close that we passed on our way to the hostel. We came back to the hostel and ate a late lunch and then relaxed. We were all tired from traveling and the weather was crappy so we didn’t want to venture out. The hostel has three computers with free internet in the cool lobby and that is where I can get my free wireless as well. We all sat in the lobby and caught up on some emails, skype dates and other things. We met this guy, Ryan who is originally from Buffalo NY, but is doing is Grad work in London and is on vacation in Barcelona. He was super nice and asked to hang out with us that night. He knew of some good places to eat, so he came with. We never found those places to eat, but still had fun hanging out. I spent 10.50 on dinner, which was a nasty jug of sangria and a calzone…which was pretty good I guess. Then we went out for drinks and ended up getting a pitcher of sangria. Ryan ordered himself a beer and “onion rings,” which turned out to be calamari. HA! Good anyway. Then we got back to the hostel and I had a little hot chocolate from the vending machine because I was cold and wet. We sat and relaxed again and talked some more in the lobby. It seems to be a huge gathering point and it should be! It is really nice and comfy and has a plethora of outlets to charge stuff! As well as a big screen t.v. computers, couches and tons of places to sit. We called it a night after that and went back to our own rooms.


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