DAY 11 !Hola Espana! 2019 - Flamenco!!!

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August 19th 2019
Published: August 19th 2019
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T.A.S.S.O flamenco (baile) lessonT.A.S.S.O flamenco (baile) lessonT.A.S.S.O flamenco (baile) lesson

TASSO having some more fun
On the morning of the 11th day of our Spain tour we had a meeting with the band in the lobby about how everyone wished to spend their last full day in Barcelona. The group was offered four options for how they could spend the day. We were offered to go to Platja de la Barcelona beach, to go shopping on La Rambla, go to Barcelona's Camp Nou soccer stadium, or stay at the hotel and veg for the day. The pans were also being shipped back to Toronto today. So, Fitzroy and Salmon were off doing that activity at the Barcelona airport area for most of the day. After we voted, everyone left to get ready for their activities. Before we dispersed, we had a fun flamenco (baile) lesson planned! We had a blast with our peers while learning some lively choreography with our assigned dance instructor. What made the whole flamenco dance experience fun to everyone was the fact that the girls of our group were separated from the boys and we were taught separate choreography. At the end of both group lessons, we came together and showed off what was leaned during our time in the dance rooms.
Shipping the Steelpans back to Toronto CanadaShipping the Steelpans back to Toronto CanadaShipping the Steelpans back to Toronto Canada

Barcelona airport Cargo facility
As it came to the end of our visit at the flamenco dance studio, we watched two flamenco dance professionals perform a dance for us. After that thrilling lesson, we all separated to enjoy our previously chosen activities for the day.

As the day came to a close, the final thing that was scheduled for that evening was our farewell dinner as a group. For our special last night, we were surprised to find out that, Patrick, Will and Christina, some members of TASSO's alumni, flew in to Barcelona to join us on our last day. It was great fun reminiscing about trip experiences of yesteryears. We ate a buffet dinner as a group for the last time, shared gifts and speeches giving thanks to all who made the trip a wonderful experience, and got prepared for the final event of the night. More flamenco!!! We sat and watched an amazing flamenco dance show. The style of flamenco dancing during the show was much different than the style of dance we learned earlier that day, but it made it even more interesting to watch. Unfortunately the night had to come to a close, and that meant so did our
 Surprise visitors  Surprise visitors Surprise visitors

Will, Patrick and Christina came to Barcelona to surprise us.
trip to Spain.

By Moriah,Sophia and Christa

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