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December 2nd 2013
Published: December 2nd 2013
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Today is the big game. We prepared for our departure in the morning, we wouldn't have time later. Then we went out to see the artists square. I wanted to compare with what we had seen in Paris. I think the artists in Barcelona are more individual and less aimed at just the tourists. There were a few canvasses I would have taken. Next, we wanted one last major meal to see us through the day. We went back to the oldest restaurant, but they weren't open till later, and we didn't want to be late for the game. So we went back to the first restaurant that we had liked. They had a special Saturday menu, and so we got a whole crab each for primera. Then the menu got more traditional. We had a plate of 'various cooked meats'. We were stuffed by the crab, now we got a huge plate of cabbage potatoes and a spicy sausage, a huge slice of pork roast, a bit of pot roasted beef, and to push our culinary courage a piece of tongue. It was delicious, even the tongue. Then there was still dessert, a chocolate branded flan for me and a lemon cream stuffed chocolate donut for Jacob. We waddled when we left. Now it was time to make our way to the game. The metro was stuffed, the sidewalks filled with people and we were 45 min early. Soccer means more here than can be explained. The stadium is made to fit over 70 000 people, and everybody can see well. We were up high in the seats,but it didn't feel like we were that far away. We could easily see the whole play. It's exciting to be at a live game with so many people even when the game is tame. Granada just doesn't have enough skill to push Barcelona, even with Messi benched with an injury. They won 4-0. I realized as the game was wrapping up that leaving would be even more interesting then getting there. The streets were choked with people. Cars were surrounded and unmoving. The metro station had huge line ups and then the trains were stuffed. We waited for the next one and found ourselves on an extra service train that was empty when it got to us. It wasn't when we left. We had decided to see the magic fountain on our way home. We went to the top of the hill to see if the view would be like overlooking a water flower, but it was too far back, the view from below is better so we made our way home. We took the metro to the top of the Rambla. Walking back through Christmas lit streets and buildings with cascades of lights like snow falling was every bit as magical as the fountain. Even the trees were strung with white lights and falling flowers of coloured lights. It was an enchanting end to our stay in Barcelona.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams.


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