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September 25th 2011
Published: December 17th 2011
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Riots In England?Riots In England?Riots In England?

No, a festival in Spain


This is another Catalan “tradition” that will really have the health and safety people worried.
I first saw this as part of the La Mercè festival but I think it happens during several other festivals.

Correfoc literally means “fire run”. People dress up in “devil” costumes, dance to the bands of drummers and run through the crowds of spectators letting off fireworks. Other groups of people make large “monsters” which are also armed with fireworks which are fired into the watching crowds.

I came across Correfoc at first when exploring the La Mercè festival. I came across a children's version of the parade. This is the “safe”, watered down version of the event that is considered to be safe for children to take part in. A lot of the kids had been clearly carefully dressed by their mothers in protective clothing before being allowed to take part. I saw one child who appeared to have been dressed in full welding gear.
I make my way to the front of the crowd to try and some photos and I soon realize that I'll need to go home and change into something offering a bit more protection before
Junior CorrefocJunior CorrefocJunior Correfoc

The Devils
“proper” Correfoc later that evening.

The main parade is in the evening. Bigger fireworks, bigger monsters, more noise and lots of people taking part. The people who have taken part before are clearly better prepared than the tourists, covered up with hardly any flesh available to burned by the fireworks. The tourists {apart from the stupid ones like me who want to take photos} soon retreat to the back of the crowd.

I've been told the the safest place to stand is near the bands of drummers so I shelter there. There is quite a bit of organisation and planning to the event and the “devils” understandably don't let off their fireworks too close to where the stores of fireworks are kept. There are ambulances and fire-engines on stand-by but , fortunately, I don't see these being put to too much use.

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These Kids Are Well ProtectedThese Kids Are Well Protected
These Kids Are Well Protected

But haven't I seen those goggles in the school science lab?

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