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July 11th 2008
Published: December 19th 2008
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It has been a challenging week. We've all work exceptionally hard and are certainly ready for the weekend! I don't think I can really afford to take a whole day off to go sightseeing tomorrow but I'm going to! I need to do something other than obsessing about lesson plans and sitting up at 2am worrying about grammer and phonetics! 😞
Still it hasn't been all bad. We had a full two hours of unassessed teaching practice this morning which was basically our chance to relax and have fun with the kids (as well as finding out how much they've learnt over the last two weeks!) We got the kids to create their own character - we had a strange mix of popstars, princesses, snowmen and superheroes. They all made a poster and wrote sentences to go with it. Then we brought out our beautifully created cardboard television (complete with remote control), the box of dressing up clothes and started a session of TV interviews with all our different characters. It was amazingly successful and I've never heard the kids using so much English... and enjoying it! It was great for us to finally be able to teach a 'real lesson', without the pressure of the ticking clock and watching eyes. It was so much more relaxed and enjoyable and actually seemed to work better than any of our carefully prepared assessed lessons.
We were given an extra long lunch break and I met up with my friends from the Spanish course at the pizza place. The afternoon was spent preparing for our new classes. I'm relived to have made it halfway through the course - but everything we've been through so far is about to repeat itself... and this time the kids are bigger!!!


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